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What I Got Wrong About Shilajit – This Black Goo Is Something Else!


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A viewer recently reached out to me and said I should check out shilajit, so I decided to look into it and not only see what it’s all about, but to figure out if it makes a difference and if its something I will start taking regularly.

I’m going to have a look at shilajit. I had never heard of it until a suggestion came through for me to try it.

Someone on my Instagram suggested I should try this stuff called shilajit a few months ago and to be honest I hadn’t heard about it at all.

I plan to take it every morning, noon and night for a week to ten days which should be long enough for me to see any noticeable changes.

Once I looked into it I saw many articles claiming this stuff helps with energy, focus, depression, lowering cholesterol and is great for men’s health too. 

I’m going to make your life a little easier by trying this out and giving you a real opinion.

So I thought I have got to check this out.

So What Is Shilajit?

If you don’t know, shilajit is a natural substance which is found most commonly in the Himalayas. It’s created by centuries of plants and organisms decomposing into a thick black goo which makes it very potent and led to people trying it as a dietary supplement.

What Is Shilajit Used For?

Shilajit is used by many people with the idea that it restores your energy balance and potentially prevents several diseases if used regularly and in the right way.

Investigations have actually shown shilajit being used to control certain cognitive disorders associated mainly with old age and also improving cognitive stimulation.

How to Find Good Shilajit.

So shilajit sounds like something special. My only problem at this point is finding a source that is genuine and not fake or of low quality. 

Now the problem as you all probably know is that some sellers of supplements of these kinds online offer people free products for a positive review some sellers even buy fake reviews in the hundreds or even thousands, these days for a small fee anybody can pay for the luxury of a third party to make their product look trustworthy by publishing many positive reviews under it literally overnight. 

So I said all of that to say that it can be very hard to know who to trust or who to buy from. Be very careful.

After a fair bit of researching, I actually came very close to buying from one seller online, until a friend I talked to about shilajit actually pointed me to a trustworthy seller he knew. So on his recommendation, I got a small jar from him to try. 

If you’re looking to try shilajit for yourself and you’re looking for a product or an example of a good product I can recommend this one here.

You just have to scoop a little bit out and add it to some warm water/coffee/tea and then wait for it to melt. Just prepare yourself for the taste!

What Do I Hope to See at the End of This Shilajit Experiment?.


I’m going to try it out and see how I feel. 

Some of the promised benefits such as lowering cholesterol, I won’t be able to test for as I don’t have a cholesterol testing kit at my disposal. I will focus more on any noticeable changes to my mood, focus and, of course, my energy levels. 

The reviews are saying this is some really powerful stuff, so I’m actually quite looking forward to this.

How Do You Take Shilajit?

So I looked into it, and you can take 300-500 mg a day. The person I bought it from actually said you can take less than this and see a big difference. I plan to take it every morning, noon and night for a week to ten days, which should be long enough for me to see any noticeable changes. I’m just gonna mix it in a small glass of water and just gulp it down.

How Does Shilajit Taste?

I’m going to start off with the taste. 

So the taste of this stuff, how can I explain it? It tastes just how it smells, unfortunately. Shilajit has a very strong and earthy taste. It reminded me of liquorice the way it overpowers every tastebud in your mouth. This is a taste you can’t really disguise with fruits or any other flavours. It’s a straight up kick in the mouth! 

How I Took It…

Firstly, if left at room temperature, shilajit resin is a hard, thick substance. So you most likely will have to heat it up in order to scoop it with a spoon unless you live in a very warm place. 

A way around this is just to sit the jar in a plate of hot water for a few moments so that the paste softens and is more mailable so you can then scoop it with ease. 

Once my dose was ready and all in the glass, I literally had to hold my nose and drink it, like I was taking a shot. There was no other way!

I put a little in a glass of hot water and waited about ten minutes for it to melt as the water cooled and yeah, just drank it quickly. 

I tried to mix it with a squeeze of lemon, but the taste could not be disguised at all. 

If you’re considering trying shilajit for yourself and not sure which one to buy, I can recommend these three products below. I checked their credentials so use these as a starting point of what to look for in a shilajit product.

1. Altai

2. Black Gold

3. Sayan Pure

All three of these are authentic shilajit with a high fulvic content. A great starting point.

What Differences Did I Notice with Shilajit?

When it comes to how shilajit made me feel. I used it for just over two weeks. I initially planned to only use it for ten days and report back but ive been a little busy so haven’t been able to report back until now. 

For the period i was using this I cut out all of my usual daily supplements apart from my protein powder that I take maybe twice a day every other day. 

For the first three days, I really didn’t notice anything at all. To be honest, I was honestly thinking it did nothing. It just felt like I was drinking this horrible drink for nothing and I was about to call it a day. But on the fourth day I felt a little different, I felt less fatigued in the early afternoon than I would usually and I began noticing more energy in the gym and I was getting a lot more work done too, which did increase my appetite a little as well. So I did notice something change. 

As I wasn’t taking any other supplements and my diet stayed the same, I can only really attribute that change to the shilajit, really. Nothing else I can think of changed in my routine that would make any difference. 

I wouldn’t say the change I felt was like a massive impactful one where I felt like it had given me super powers or anything like that. It was a subtle change that became more noticeable as the days rolled on. 

I was told it doesn’t matter how high a dosage you take at the start, you just need a little bit every day for it to build up in your system and that’s all I did, really. 

My focus improved and I was less distracted when completing work tasks too which is always a welcome effect,in terms of my overall mood, I can’t say I felt any different, I’ve just felt more willing to get up and do stuff. 

It might be worth adding that I’m not a coffee drinker at all. I’m not sure if the effects would be any different for those who drink coffee every day. I might be a little more sensitive to this, as I don’t take in caffeine or any stimulants every day. 

But yeah, I would say that I definitely felt something after the two weeks of use. 

Would I Add Shilajit to My Daily Routine?


That’s a good question. Taking this every day for me was a bit of a hassle, having to prepare the hot water and then wait for it to melt 3 times a day was a slight inconvenience, but for something that I felt was actually working, I could make the change. 

The problem many people might have is the smell might put some people around you off. But I did see it being sold in capsule form which might be more convenient for many people. I can’t say if it’s more effective as a capsule as I’ve only tried this form but the capsules are an option. 

Overall, Is Shilajit Worth Trying?

Overall, I would say shilajit is worth trying. As I say with anything, start off with a small amount and see how your body reacts. 

Just brace yourself for the smell!

Have you tried shilajit before? Let me know in the comments, how you get over the taste of this stuff.


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