Are Nike Pro Warm Tights Worth Buying? My Honest Review


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If you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos you might have noticed that I wear compression tights when I workout, I actually have a couple of pairs currently, both made by Nike.

I wear compression tights mainly because:

A. They actually feel more comfortable than joggers do, I just feel like they give me a better feeling when I workout.

B. Believe it or not, they’re actually warmer to wear than normal pants are.

C. When I wear them post-workout after a heavy leg day session, the length of time I feel discomfort from muscle soreness is cut in half.

If you wear them yourself, you’ll probably be familiar with that already.

So compression tights have become an important item of clothing for me.

But recently, I noticed that the tights I wear to workout in have been looking really bad, the material is fraying in the crotch, there’s some material pilling on the knees, and the elasticity is not as strong as it once was.

The condition of my old pair was quite bad.

So it was long overdue that I got myself a new pair of compression tights.

What Is Most Important in a Compression Tight (For Me)

When I decided it was time for me to look for a new pair of compression tights, I had to decide on what the most important things that I needed in a new pair of compression tights were.

They had to be warm – I live in London, and most of the time it’s cold here, so I needed a pair that will keep me warm on days I train outdoors. 

They need good elasticity; – There’s no point in buying a pair of compression tights if they don’t have a good amount of tightness to them. 

The material needs to feel durable – I didn’t want a pair that felt flimsy to the touch. I want to be confident that the material and the stitching are gonna hold themselves together and maintain their strength for a long time.  

And lastly, I want sweat-wicking/Dri Fit – Whenever I buy sports clothes from Nike or any brand for that matter, I always try to go for sweat-wicking material. Just because when I get sweaty during a workout, I prefer that the moisture be kept away from my body, I just don’t like that wet clothes feeling when I’m working out.

After I did some searching online for a good pair of compression tights, I noticed that Nike had a sale on, and as part of that sale, they had these Nike Pro Warm compression tights on offer. I was actually able to get £10 off the price which was awesome.

The Nike Pro Warms that I bought were the only full-length tights that had what I wanted.

As their name suggests, they are warm, they looked well made from the images, and the description emphasized a good amount of elasticity. 

After I did a bit of searching on the Nike site, the Nike Pro Warms were the only pair that seemed to meet every one of my demands! So I went for them.

What Were the Nike Pro Warms Like to Wear?


I wear compression tights both at the gym and at home afterwards for leg day recovery. So my idea was that as these are on special offer, I will actually buy two pairs and have one pair that I only use for workouts and one pair that I only use when I’m at home recovering.

If you aren’t aware of what I mean, if you have sore muscles after working out compression wear can actually help with stiffness and the soreness you feel after working out. 

When I wear them in the evening on days I’ve worked out my recovery time is near enough cut in half. If you haven’t tried this yourself and leg days are a pain for you, I encourage you to compression tights out and let me know in the comments. 

The first moment I put the Nike Pro Warms on I noticed that they are very tight, they give you a lot of compression, which is just what I was looking for.

The material does feel thicker than my last pair which did concern me a little, but I think the thickness adds to the overall strength and tightness of them, so I’m OK with it.

The Pro Warms definitely have more elasticity than my previous pair did. I’m not sure how much or what percentage of elasticity my previous pair had because I bought them so long ago. But I for sure don’t remember them feeling this snug on the first wear.

I would say working out in them was a pleasant experience.

The first day I wore them it was a very cold day, and I will say that I literally couldn’t feel any cold whatsoever in my legs. Only in my ankles because that’s where they stop. 

It was a big difference from my previous pair, my previous pair were a thermal or “warm” pair, but the material wasn’t as strong as this new pair are which is probably why the material went the way it did.

During my workout I took extra notes to notice if at any point I needed to adjust things or stop the lower leg part from riding up or any irritation I felt in the material, and I didn’t feel any discomfort or any concerns.

They were very comfortable to wear. I was really impressed with my first wear. 

Working Out in the Nike Pro Warms

nike pro warm compression tights review 2

When I first discovered how thick they were material-wise I was concerned about how flexible I would feel in them.

For example, when you’re squatting, you don’t want to feel like you have any restrictions with your clothing. 

The same goes for when you’re running, you want your clothes to feel comfortable and not restricting. 

My first workout in them was really good, I did squats in them, and it was fine. No irritations or discomforts to report. 

The same goes for running, they felt very comfortable.

Something I would say is that if you run in these regularly and you have bigger thighs, over time the material in the crotch is going to wear down more. It’s just the way these are made, and you can’t really avoid it. 

There are compression tights and leggings you can buy that have special material in the crotch area that is meant to be less abrasive (and last longer) if you do run a lot, but it’s just worth mentioning that these Nike Pro Warms i bought are not that type of compression tight. So if you run a lot and you have bigger thighs, you will see a bit of abrasion in that area, but it’s just one of those things people with bigger thighs have to deal with a lot of the time.

Wearing Them for Recovery – Did They Do the Trick?

nike pro warm compression tights review 3

As I said earlier, I did buy two pairs because I wanted one to workout in and one that I only wear at home to recover. 

As recovery pants, they actually worked better than my old pair did. I think because the material is thicker, the elastic or tight feeling is more pronounced. Just what I need in that moment.

These have two layers in some parts of the tight, whereas my previous pair had just one layer. I think that contributes greatly to the feeling of tightness and overall strength of the tights overall.

My muscle soreness from my leg sessions has shortened from wearing these, just like my previous pair before they started to lose so much of their elasticity. So it’s a real thumbs up for me in that area.

An added bonus is the little pocket these have on the right-hand side, which makes it really useful to carry my phone or some snacks when I’m walking around the house! 

Would I Recommend You Buy Them?

nike pro warm compression tights review 6

For a workout tight, it depends on what your workouts are like and what your needs are in a compression tight.

Right now my workouts are more weight training heavy and less cardio-focused, so a pair like these fit my needs pretty well. 

So if that’s what your workouts are like, then these would be a good buy for you. If you run a lot and especially have bigger thighs, I would recommend going for a tight that had a bit of abrasion resistance, they do tend to be pricier, but you’re paying for a material that will last a lot longer. I have added a link to a recommended pair .

I am actually considering buying another pair of compression tights specifically for running with that abrasion-resistant material, maybe I’ll explore them more in-depth in an upcoming video.

For my needs as of now, I think these Nike Pro Warms are a really good choice.

I’m very happy with my purchase; they performed better than I expected, and my concerns with the material being too thick and my movement feeling restricted were put to bed pretty quickly.

I have added a link to my Nike Pro Warms if you need it.

That was my quick review of the Nike Pro warm compression tights. They’re a great buy, but just be mindful of what type of workout you’re doing in them. Like I said, links to any recommended picks will be in the description. Click here to try them out for yourself (aff)


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