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Metcon 9 FlyEase Review: Your Ultimate Workout Companion?

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When considering the Nike Metcon 9s, it’s essential to explore the differences between the regular and FlyEase (or newly named ‘EasyOn’) versions.

These popular cross-training shoes have some distinct variations that may impact your decision, depending on your workout preferences and overall comfort.

The FlyEase Metcon 9

In this article, we will dive into the updates and features of the Nike Metcon 9 and compare the FlyEase version to its regular counterpart.

I’ll talk about their performance during workouts with the aim of helping you decide if these shoes are worth investing in.


My Metcon 9 FlyEase Verdict…

You wouldn’t think it, but they’re more comfy than the regular version(…) Right now, they only come in two colours, orange and black. But I hope that changes soon!

The Key Takeaways

  • The Nike Metcon 9 is available in both regular and FlyEase (EasyOn) versions with some differences to consider.
  • The latest version of the Metcon offers updated features and improvements for workout enthusiasts.
  • Comparing the two versions there are differences that surprised me.

So Before I Start…

First of all, it is essential to understand that the opinions given in this article are solely based on personal experience, and not influenced by any brand, including Nike. I tested these for two weeks, which is enough time to form a reliable and honest perspective.

I wouldn’t call myself a Metcon enthusiast as such, but historically, the Nike Metcons have performed reasonably well as general gym footwear.

The Metcon 4s, for example, have served me loyally from the beginning and demonstrated impressive durability.

However, as of late, the Metcon series may no longer hold the top position in its category. The Reebok Nano X3 has been gaining recognition, not only impressing many people, but also filling gaps left unaddressed by previous Metcon releases.

Consequently, I was even more eager to see the innovations Nike would bring to the Metcon 9 model.

It is worth mentioning that the Reebok Nano X3s outperformed the Metcon 8 when it came to comfort during longer-distance running. If the Metcon 9 can rectify this issue, the rivalry would become more intense.


I tried the Metcon 9 FlyEase and the Regular Version…

I purchased both the conventional and the FlyEase or “EasyOn” versions of the Metcon 9. The difference is straightforward: the regular model features traditional laces, while the FlyEase version is designed with a collapsible heel, enabling users to put on and remove the shoes without bending down and making adjustments.

Regular Metcon (White) – FlyEase Metcon (Orange)

This innovative feature stands as a significant advantage for athletes with limited mobility or physical constraints that make wearing or removing shoes more challenging. I think that incorporating such inclusive features should be a priority for other brands as well.

In summary I think that the anticipation for Metcon 9’s performance and potential improvements keeps the passion for innovation alive. By addressing historical shortcomings and offering an inclusive alternative, the Metcon 9 is poised to make an impact on both casual exercisers and professional athletes.

My First Impressions – Design

Notable Changes in Design

Starting with the design of the Metcon 9, it’s evident that the changes are subtle yet significant. The shoes retain some similarities with their predecessor without making any drastic changes in appearance.

For the Metcon 9 FlyEase, the available colour options are quite limited, currently featuring an orange and black combination. However, the regular Metcon 9 provides the option to select custom colours which may be preferable for those seeking a more personalised look.

The Most Prominent Alterations

One major change that can be noticed is the forefoot area of the upper. It now features a mesh-like material on top of a standard upper, making the shoes feel more flexible, breathable, and strong.

Additionally, there are raised rubber stripes on the medial side of both shoes. Although their purpose is not entirely clear, one possibility is their potential use during rope climbs. Regardless of their purpose, they contribute to the overall aesthetic.

The shoe’s base has also been slightly widened and enlarged, adding extra stability when performing activities such as box jumps or clean and jerks.

One highly anticipated change pertains to the rope guard, which has long been a source of complaints. The Metcon 9 features a larger, more durable, and grippier rope guard that should prevent the premature wear some users experienced with previous models.

Another subtle change is the slightly softer midsole foam when compared to the Metcon 9’s predecessor. However, the overall construction and 4mm heel drop remain consistent with previous models.

Overall, these design changes have generated excitement and anticipation for trying out the Metcon 9.

What are the Metcon 9 like to wear Vs FlyEase?

metcon-9-flyease-vs-regular traditional
Check out the full Nike Metcon FlyEase Vs Regular Video HERE

The Metcon 9 offers a comfortable training shoe experience but comes with a small issue. Some users might experience slight discomfort due to the upper part of the shoe feeling high, possibly causing it to rub against the ankle. However, this was not an issue with the FlyEase version of the Metcon 9.

Although the reason for the discomfort remains unclear, it could be attributed to how an individual angles their feet while wearing the shoes. Possibly, this feeling might improve with time and increased usage.

Retaining the 4mm heel drop from previous models, the overall fit remains similar for those transitioning from earlier versions. In comparison to the regular version, the Metcon 9 FlyEase seems to provide more comfort. A likely reason for this might be the softer sole, which makes it more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

In summary, the Metcon 9 offers comfort as a crossfit and training shoe, with minor discomfort in the ankle area for some users. The FlyEase version appears to be slightly more comfortable due to its softer sole. Both shoes maintain the same 4mm heel drop, making them true to size and suitable for most training needs.

The FlyEase Metcon Vs Regular

A notable difference between the FlyEase and regular version of Metcons is the space provided by each shoe. Possessing a slightly more spacious fit, the FlyEase Metcon seems to accommodate larger feet more comfortably. For instance, when comparing both versions in a UK size 12, the FlyEase shoe has more room, feeling like a 12.5 in comparison to the regular Metcon’s snug fit.

This difference might result from the FlyEase construction and the design’s allowance for various pressure points, caused by its distinct heel entry feature. However, it is unclear whether these sizing variations are consistent across all sizes or merely an anomaly in larger men’s sizes.

To summarise, when considering purchasing either the FlyEase or regular Metcon, the FlyEase version might offer additional comfort and spaciousness for those preferring some extra room.

Exercising with the Metcon 9 FlyEase

When working out with the Metcon 9s, not much has changed compared to the previous model.

metcon 9 flyease in gym 2 putitng them on

The sole appears slightly wider, but the hardness or softness remains similar. Between the regular and FlyEase versions, the latter has a slight advantage due to the upper material causing less irritation.

As for running, the Metcon 9s remain unsuitable for longer distances. No significant improvement was detected in this aspect, so considering alternative shoes for long-distance running may be wise. The hoped-for added comfort for extended runs was not experienced.

The shoe’s dual-density midsole might provide a marginally softer feel during high-weight squats, but the difference is minimal from previous Metcons.

metcon 9 flyease in gym

The Metcon 9s maintain overall workout performance but when it comes to support and running longer distances, they are not the greatest option.

Features like the Hyperlift plate, heel clip, and midsole remain important aspects for a solid training experience, but expectations should be managed when it comes to long-distance running or drastic transformations from previous Metcon models.

Is the Rope Guard Any Better?


In comparing the rope guard of the current model to its predecessors, there is a noticeable, albeit slight, increase in grip effectiveness.

While it’s worth acknowledging the improvement, there could have been more innovation with the design of the rope guard section for even better results.

Regardless, for those who don’t incorporate rope climbing in their exercise routines, this enhancement may not be significant to their experience.

Are the Metcon 9 FlyEase a Good Shoe?

In the realm of cross-training shoes, the Metcon 9 FlyEase offers some advantages, albeit with a few shortcomings. From a design perspective, these shoes sport a few enhancements, such as a grippier rope guard, which users will appreciate.

Despite the improvements, one cannot help but feel that the Metcon 9 overall could offer more, particularly in comparison to competitors’ offerings.

A possible innovation that could elevate the Metcon 9 is the implementation of zoom technology in the sole’s forefoot area, potentially enhancing comfort during longer-distance runs.

While the Metcon 9 is undeniably well-constructed and demonstrates solid durability and versatility for various workouts, there remain certain limitations. Comfort during extended runs appears to be a recurring issue, and one can’t help but compare these shoes with other brands that have addressed this concern.

Which One Would I Go For, FlyEase or Regular?

The Metcon 9 FlyEase version stands out for me as a personal preference due to its increased comfort. but it’s worth noting a downside related to the heel of the shoe.

The FlyEase design is known for its compressible heel, allowing for easier entry and exit. But i noticed frequent compression of the heel leads to visible creases and a worn appearance after just a couple of days.


Although this doesn’t impact the shoe’s fit or performance, it’s slightly disappointing from an aesthetic point of view.

In terms of catering to adaptive athletes, the Metcon FlyEase provides a valuable option, making it an attractive alternative to the regular Metcon. It’s up to individual preferences, taking into account comfort, aesthetics, and personal priorities related to ease of use.

While both the Metcon 9 FlyEase and the regular Metcon 9 have their pros and cons, notable improvements have been made in the latest iteration. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual.

Personally, I much prefer the FlyEase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Metcon 9 Flyease compare to Metcon 8?

The Nike Metcon 9 Flyease trainers offer similar performance to the Metcon 8, with a more responsive midsole and improvements in the cushioning system.

However, the main difference lies in the Flyease system, which provides an easy on and off experience for the user.

Are Metcon 9 Flyease true to size?

Metcon 9 Flyease trainers generally run true to size.

However, it is always recommended to check Nike’s sizing guide or try on a pair in-store to ensure the best fit for your unique foot shape.

What are the differences between Metcon and Flyease?

The primary difference between standard Metcon and Flyease models is the Flyease system, which features a collapsible heel and strap to make it easier to put on and remove the trainers.

Apart from this feature, the basic design and performance of the Metcon Flyease are nearly identical to their standard Metcon counterparts.

Are Metcon 9 Flyease good for walking?

Metcon 9 Flyease trainers are designed mainly for cross-training and lifting, but they can be suitable for casual walking.

However, they might not be the optimal choice for long walks or hikes due to their primary focus on gym-based activities.

Why are Nike Metcons so popular?

Nike Metcon trainers have gained popularity because of their versatility and performance across a variety of fitness activities.

They excel in offering stability for weightlifting, agility for dynamic movements, and comfort during high-intensity workouts.

What are the differences between Metcon 9 and Metcon 8 AMP?

The primary difference between the Metcon 9 and Metcon 8 AMP is the design and colour scheme. Both models share similar performance features, with the Metcon 9 having a more responsive midsole.

The Metcon 8 AMP typically showcases unique and bold colour combinations, making it stand out stylistically from the standard Metcon line.


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