Lacrosse Ball vs Foam Roller – Which One Is Better?

After a workout, rolling out relieves muscle tension and can help improve your range of motion and flexibility. Physical therapists, personal trainers, and even coaches highly recommend this practice.  People use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and a variety of other rolling tools. Today, we will discuss lacrosse ball vs foam roller. Which one is most […]

How To Build Muscle After 50! #shor...
How To Build Muscle After 50! #shorts #muscleafter50 Weight Loss #evepacifichealth

Are All Massage Guns The Same? – How To Purchase a Massage Gun

Are All Massage Guns The Same? If you follow any sports people on social media, you have likely seen mesmerizing pictures or videos of massage guns being used.  There is something fascinating about watching the rubber mallet touch the skin, sending a satisfying rippling effect across the muscle tissue.  If you haven’t watched these videos […]

Is Cryotherapy Good for Sore Muscles After Working Out?

Is Cryotherapy Good for Sore Muscles After Working Out? Many people experience post-workout soreness, especially if they have pushed their muscles to the extreme.  Even minor workouts can cause some degree of pain and stiffness in the muscles.  How often have you seen an athlete soaking in an icy cold tub after a major game?  […]

Strength Training with Shin Splints – All You Need To Know

Whether you can or cant partake in strength training with shin splints is a common question. Shin splints, formally called medial tibial stress syndrome, are highly painful and can come on with no warning. The cause of the pain is stress to the shinbone and its connective tissues. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that […]

Should I Get A Weighted Blanket?

You may be wondering should I get a weighted blanket? Weighted blankets have risen in popularity dramatically over the last couple of years, with sales skyrocketing.  Did you know weighted blankets were invented in 1998? Keith Zivalich, a California native, was the first to invent the “Magic Weighted Blanket”. So, what has caused weighted blankets […]

Does Compression Wear Help With Joint Pain?

It’s no big secret that physical activity can give you a great sense of accomplishment.  It makes you feel stronger and more confident in how far you can push yourself, it helps you reach or maintain your ideal weight, and the endorphin rush that comes from an intense workout can’t be beaten.  However, there’s an […]

Muscle Soreness Reducer? Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights Breakdown + Review

I decided to try the Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights on for size. Nike is one of the first names that people think of when it comes to compression wear, and these being so highly regarded, I thought it would make sense to do a review of these compression tights. Before we begin, these tights are recovery […]

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