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Muscle Soreness Reducer? Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights Breakdown + Review

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I decided to try the Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights on for size. Nike is one of the first names that people think of when it comes to compression wear, and these being so highly regarded, I thought it would make sense to do a review of these compression tights.

Before we begin, these tights are recovery tights, so they are specifically designed to assist with muscle recovery.

My Experience Using the Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights

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Transcription: These Nike Pro Hyperrecovery tights are made from 82% polyester/18% elastane, which is a good mix. The polyester is, of course, moisture wicking which keeps you from feeling like your clothes are stuck to you when you sweat.
In previous versions of these recovery pants they have had grids which help the graduated compression effect by ensuring the tights are tight in certain areas, these have that too but in a redesigned form. I believe they’re silicone injected which gives you a more pronounced feeling of compression.

As mentioned in previous compression pants reviews, durability is important, and after wearing the Nike Pro Hyperrecovery tights just a couple of times, I can see imperfections beginning to form at the seams. This is something that I’ve noticed in the cheaper pro combat compression tights that I’ve review in a previous video but only after having owned them for a few months, but for this to show up literally within less than two weeks is disappointing. It’s possible I just got a bad one but this actually seems to be a recurring theme with some Nike compression gear that I own.

For materials, these get a 2 out of 5.

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They do work as well compression pants, and they did a great job calming down my muscle soreness. In comparison to the Skins tights that I tried before these, these felt much tighter in the calf area, but obviously, that can differ for everyone. I don’t have big calves at all so it was a surprise to feel them so tight in that area for me. Make sure you get the fit locked down before you buy them, that’s what I’d say.

For effectiveness, these get a 4 out of 5

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The price is too high for these. Straight up. If I pay £115 for a pair of tights I do not expect to see the seams showing signs of weakness after less than a month. Not really much more to say on this. The effectiveness doesn’t make up for it either.


The Nike Pro Hyperrecovery tights were quite disappointing. as you may have noticed from my channel Nike is a brand I wear a lot. The good thing, however, is that there are other brands that make better versions of this – check out my Skins review as an example.

So That was my review of the Nike Pro Hyper Recovery pants, Great idea, badly executed.

Have you tried these pants out yourself? Have I missed something out? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Exactly, I bought mine a month ago and it’s already torn in some places. I don’t know if I didn’t get one that is exactly my size. I really hope that is the reason though. If not, this product is not worth the money.

  2. I love that the material is made of polyester, it makes me feel very comfortable in it. It’s not itchy and doesn’t stick to my body when I break into sweating. You just need to get one that is your perfect fit and you are good.

  3. This is like the best hyper recovery tights I’ve used since I started working out. It gives this comfy feeling that sets your muscles at ease. The material is amazing and I must say that it’s worth the price. I totally recommend.

  4. True, the hyper recovery tights are very effective and helps relieve sore muscles. I use it after a tough workout session and I must say it’s been a great help to me. Perhaps you get one that is not your fit.

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