The Truth About Fake Weights

Weightlifting is an intense exercise intended to achieve improved muscularity and physique. Some benefits of adding weights to your training include burning body fat, strengthening bones, avoiding injuries, and enhancing overall heart health. But some people like to exempt themselves from bearing the heaviness of real barbels and dumbbells. You may have seen online videos […]

Are Vans Good for Lifting? Have I Uncovered Something Here?

When you begin lifting, finding the right shoe is not always easy. There are so many shoes on the market. I’ve gone through countless pairs, including Vans, and I am here to help you learn if this shoe is right for lifting.  Wearing the wrong shoes while lifting can put you in danger. Believe me, […]

Nike Metcon 8 Review – An Improvement On The Previous?

This article is a transcript of the Nike Metcon 8 Review – Better Than the 7? and More video found on our YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe too! The Metcon 8s are finally here and I managed to get my hands on a pair. Are the Metcon 8s better than the 7s? And […]

Are Skechers Bad for Your Feet? – Finally The Truth

Skechers are shoes that are loved or hated, depending on the person. Whether you love wearing them or cannot stand the thought, learning more about the brand and what it offers will help you understand why each side of the aisle feels the way they do about this iconic shoe.  Skechers USA Inc. founded in […]

Do Adidas Run Big or Small? Popular Questions Answered

Since they first made their debut in 1949, Adidas shoes have been the athlete’s choice. Today, Adidas shoes are more popular than ever for training, cardio, and everyday wear. If you are switching to Adidas from another brand, you likely have questions.  I’m here to answer your questions, based on my experience and research, common […]

Struggling To Eat Enough Protein? – Basic Bulking Struggles Solved

The struggles of bulking up hit us all in our journeys. One of the biggest mistakes people make when bulking up is having the wrong mindset. We often think we can bulk up overnight. Some people think they do not have to make major lifestyle and diet changes.  When bulking up, you will not gain […]

Nike Superrep 3 – My Honest Opinion on Nike’s Latest HIIT Shoe

Nike has released the new Superrep 3 high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) shoes with ‘support stability’ as the main key idea behind them, as they should. As we all know, H.I.I.T. workouts can be very demanding on the feet and you must have the right sort of shoes for the job. The questions I want to […]

What Are The Best Alternatives to Nutribullet? Updated 2022

So you’re not fully convinced on the Nutribullet, and you’re wondering what are the best alternatives to Nutribullet? You probably already know that whether you’re juicing or making smoothies, having a high-powered blender like a Nutribullet is a very important and useful piece of kitchen equipment. Nutribullets are popular these days because not all of […]

Am I Too Old for Crossfit? – My Top 10 Tips to Get Started

With the recent articles, I have been reading about people being too old for Crossfit, or that people who are older than 45 should not do it at all, I have been wondering to myself ‘am I too old for CrossFit?‘ I know this is something that has crossed my mind as I am 48 […]

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