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Should Weightlifting Shoes Be Tight? Read BEFORE You Buy a Pair

When considering the importance of proper footwear for weightlifting, a common question arises: should weightlifting shoes be tight? The short answer is yes, but not uncomfortably so. A snug and secure fit is necessary to provide the necessary support and stability required for heavy lifts. Weightlifting shoes, also known as squat shoes, have unique features […]

How Much Should I Be Able to Squat? – Discover Your Squatting Potential

Squats are a popular and efficient exercise for strengthening the lower body, but it’s important to know how much weight you should be able to lift when doing this exercise. According to a person’s weight, this article will offer a general recommendation for how much squatting they should be able to do. The recommendation will […]

Is The Jordan 1 A Good Lifting Shoe?

The Nike Air Jordan 1, initially designed for basketball superstar Michael Jordan, has gained popularity not just for its design, but also for its performance and comfort. As more people gravitate towards this iconic shoe, some gym goers have considered the Air Jordan 1 for weightlifting and other gym activities. While the Air Jordan 1 […]

Muscle Soreness Reducer? Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights Breakdown + Review

I decided to try the Nike Pro Hyperrecovery Tights on for size. Nike is one of the first names that people think of when it comes to compression wear, and these being so highly regarded, I thought it would make sense to do a review of these compression tights. Before we begin, these tights are recovery […]

The Secret of Lower Back Dimples: Can You Get Them?

Lower back dimples, also known as Venus dimples, are small indentations on the lower back just above the buttocks. A visible cleft in the sacroiliac joint causes these dimples, and they are often associated with an appealing and athletic appearance. Many people are curious about how to get these dimples and whether they are a […]

I’m Skinny With Cellulite – Is this Normal?

Is Being Skinny With Cellulite Normal? Recently I was asked by a client, “I’m skinny with cellulite, is this normal?  I thought it was only something bigger girls got.” A number of factors can influence the presence and visibility of cellulite in women such as the thickness of skin, body fat percentage, distribution of body fat, hereditary factors, […]

Do I Need a Weightlifting Belt? – What Are the Facts and Benefits?

Weightlifting belts are often a topic of debate among fitness enthusiasts, leaving many wondering whether they really need one or not. These belts are designed to provide additional support during heavy lifting by increasing intra-abdominal pressure, which in turn protects the spine and helps maintain proper form. But it’s crucial to understand the appropriate situations […]

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