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A gadget that reminds you to drink water. Really?


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Every now and then, I see a product or a new concept of a product that just leaves me dumbfounded, mainly because I struggle to understand why people think there is a genuine need for this particular item.

But then, I remember that a large part of product marketing these days is the art or idea of convincing people that they need something that they truly do not need. This product takes that idea and runs with it.

Enter the ‘Ulla – Smart Hydration Reminder’. So this is a new invention which is basically a rubber band type sensor that you put around your water bottle or glass, you turn it on and the magic begins. It fits any shape water bottle or glass and is “perfect for a busy workplace”. It blinks if your bottle has not been drunk out of in 40 minutes – check out their promotional video below

  • It has a drinking detection sensor. So it knows when the bottle is picked up and drank from.
  • It’s 100% automatic (Thank God for that),
  • It blinks when you forget to drink water.

I wonder if the next iteration of this Ulla will have a voice that tells you the optimal angle to tilt your head back when drinking water.

“Optimal drinking angle achieved, please start drinking”…  As people take on water using their smart hydration reminders.

Because some of us need to be told how to drink!

Drinking water is, of course, something a lot of people need to do more, but is it really so hard to do that a person would consider shelling out money for a gadget like this?

I’m going to ignore the voiceover guy from the video’s claims that “People are busy, most of us forget to drink water all the time” and just give you 5 easy things you can do to drink water if you are on the verge of considering shelling out $____ on this Ulla.

  1. Set an alarm on your phone or a timer to go off every couple hours.
  2. Put a post-it note on the corner of your computer monitor
  3. Keep a water bottle on your desk so it’s always in front of you. Constant reminder
  4. Every time you come back from a toilet break, have a glass of water. Get into the routine
  5. Use an app. There are a ton of free apps you can get which function as a reminder to drink water.

More info, Ulla.io

2 thoughts on “A gadget that reminds you to drink water. Really?

  1. I seriously need this. Even with the constant reminder to always drink water, I always seem to forget that. Maybe this gadget would be of help. I really hope I’ll get value for money spent though. My lack of drinking water is becoming more alarming.

  2. Woah! A gadget to remind me to drink water? Well, some people may see the need to have it but I don’t. I could always use my phone to set reminders or keep my bottles within reach so I’ll always remember.

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