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FitBit Alta HR – The Key Points


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The FitBit Alta HR has almost the same specs and features of the larger FitBit Charge 2 but in a smaller and slimmer design. 

If you thought FitBits were small before, they’re even smaller now. This new FitBit Alta HR comes in at the same size as the old Alta, but this one has continuous heart rate monitoring. It tracks sleep, calories burned, steps taken, distance and your active minutes. In order to see your data, all you have to do is to tap the case below the screen.

Think of it as a simplified fitness activity tracking device, giving continuous heart rate and basic phone notifications. Having worn the FitBit Alta HR for almost a month, I can say I am really impressed with it.

Is The FitBit Alta Comfortable?

The FitBit Alta HR is very comfortable on the wrist, mainly due to the fact it’s smaller, you hardly notice it’s there. It also doesnt need to be charged every day like my phone, it has a 7-day battery life. It’s a bummer that it has no water resistant capabilities, so it can’t be worn in the shower. But this may not be a deal breaker for everyone.

The FitBit Alta HR costs £105, £150 for the special edition version, which comes in at roughly the same price as the larger Charge 2 (£108 at the time of print).

Fashionable and feature packed

The Alta HR has a narrow LED monochrome screen which displays incoming calls, calendar alerts, text messages and will also remind you to move throughout the day if it senses that you have been motionless for too long. A feature I have seen in a few other fitness watches such as the Apple Watch Nike +.

New FitBit Alta HR Review
Image courtesy of fitbit.com

A very stylish fitness tracker with impressive battery life

The FitBit Alta HRs straps are interchangeable. They are available in a multitude of colors, some in metal, leather, and rubber. The straps from the original Alta will also work with the Alta HR which is great too. Being able to change the straps means that your FitBit Alta HR will look much better for longer.

Key points about the Fitbit Alta HR

  • Slimmer
  • Awesome long battery life
  • Continuous heart rate monitor worked really well
  • Straps from old Alta work with this one.

The Bottom Line

A good choice if you want a fitness activity tracker that just sits on your wrist and gets on with it. Cool features without any overwhelming or overcomplicated menu options to get in the way.

£130, fitbit.com | amazon  

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