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Beats Fit Pro Review: The Search for Earbuds That Don’t Fall Out


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I finally got my hands on a pair of Beats Fit Pro Earbuds. I’m of course going to try them out and give you the lowdown.

The main thing I’m going to focus on is whether the Beats Fit Pro earbuds stay put. Mainly because I’m sick and tired of my current earbuds, the Apple AirPod Pro falling out of my ears. 

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Beats Fit Pro Earbuds – My Verdict

Top pick
Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds are a good choice. I gave them quite a rigorous test and I have to say they impressed me.


  • Didn’t fall out of my ears. Great staying power.
  • Noise cancelling was impressive.
  • Easy to accidentally press the pause button.

My Current Situation with Earbuds for Working Out

For me, finding the best earbuds for working out in isn’t always as simple as just picking up the first pair that I like the look of. 

They have to perform well in the situations I will be in when I wear them otherwise they’re useless to me. 

These Beats Fit Pros would be used mainly for gym activities, so I need them to:

  • Have noise-cancelling that works well, 
  • To not fall out of my ears whatever I may be doing, 
  • and to not run out of battery halfway through my workout.

My current workout earbuds are the apple AirPod Pros, these earbuds are great for giving me nice and clear sound quality, I also like their noise-cancelling feature that blocks out the sounds of people grunting and making noises in the gym when I’m trying to focus on my workout. 

No other headphones that I’ve tried have been as good at drowning out outside noises without me having to turn the volume up to a ridiculous level, which of course would be harmful to my ears over time. 

The problem with the AirPod Pro is that they sometimes fall out of my ears when I do certain things, such as when I lay horizontally doing the bench press or laying out flat doing some stretching or something of that nature. 

To say the least, it gets annoying having to constantly adjust them.

I need earbuds that can offer me the sound quality that I currently have with the AirPods and combine them with the ability to stay put when I do things like bench, skipping and stretching!

In steps, the Beats Fit Pro.

What Am I Expecting from the Beats Fit Pro Earbuds?

beats fit pro review

I reviewed the previous earbud release from Beats, they were called the Beats Studio Buds and to be honest, they were a bit of a letdown. 

My main gripe about the Studio Pros was that the noise-cancelling on them was nowhere near the same level as the AirPod Pros. So I’m excited to see if the noise cancelling on these newer Beats Fit Pros will be any better.

The first thing you will probably notice about the Beats Fit Pro is the price. 

At the time of making this video, they are nearly double the price of the Beats Studio Buds, which could mean that they’re of a higher quality with features that work better, or that possibly they’ve gone back and fixed the little annoyances that made the Beats Studio Buds a bit of a letdown. 

Let’s see if the Beats Fit Pro are better.

What Features of the Beats Fit Pro Matter the Most for Me?

The Beats Fit Pros have a lot of features. The main feature that I care most about is whether they fall out of my ears or not during my workouts and I tell you how they fared a little later. 

The main features of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds that could set them apart from others is:

beats fit pro review
  • Sweatproof and Water-Resistance – you can workout in them and your sweat, or a bit of rainwater won’t affect their operation. 
  • Active Noise-Cancelling to block out outside noises
  • Flexible Wingtips to give you a more secure fit and of course, stop them from falling out. 

There are, of course, other features such as the battery life offering you 6 hours of listening time and the case acting as a charger also, but I expect those to feature as standard in all Bluetooth earbuds these days. 

Working Out with the Beats Fit Pro:

How Good Was the Noise Cancelling?

The Beats Fit Pro offer similar noise-cancelling to the Apple AirPod Pros. To be fair, these did a pretty good job of cancelling out the sound around me. 

The noise-cancelling wasn’t so strong that I was unable to hear anything else, someone shouting in the distance could still be heard, but I would say that 70% of the sounds around me were cancelled out. 

Pretty effective in the gym environment, I felt I was in my little sound bubble where nobody could distract me.

What Is the Sweat/ Waterproof Ability Like?

beats fit pro review

I do tend to get pretty sweaty when I train. Cardio days and leg days especially. 

I didn’t have any problems with them. My head does get sweaty but not so sweaty that my earbuds will be drenched completely in sweat. 

However, when I did sweat, I didn’t notice any difference in the sound quality or operation of these earbuds.

How Did the Battery Hold Up?

The battery held up fine. They never completely lost their charge in the short time I tested them, which is impressive.

The thing is when it comes to reviewing things that run off batteries is that batteries lose their strength over years, but I can say using these for 3 weeks I used these, the battery held up brilliantly, I had to recharge them maybe 3 or 4 times. 

My journey to the gym and workout together is about 3 hours a day, I didn’t have to charge these more than twice a week which is pretty good.

Did They Fall Out of My Ears?

The burning question is did they fall out of my ears… and the answer is no, they didn’t fall out of my ears once. 

Working out with them was very interesting, I did everything I normally do, skipping workouts, bench press, stretching, Olympic ring work and I didn’t need to adjust them at all. Once they were in, they were in.

Very impressed. A big improvement from the last pair Beats released most definitely.

Any Minor annoyances?

The only annoying thing about these is like the Studio Pros before them, it is very easy to accidentally press the button on them and pause your music. But this wasn’t a dealbreaker for me at all because they do everything else so well.

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