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Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself?- Common Questions Answered

sea moss common questions

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In this video, I’m going to try my best to answer some of the most common questions that have come in on some videos I’ve made about sea moss such as ‘can you eat sea moss gel by itself, can you take sea moss every day, how much sea moss can you take and where can you buy sea moss

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As you may know, I’ve made a few videos sharing my experience of using sea moss and a few things I’ve learnt along the way. 

If you need help on what to look out for and how to buy high quality sea moss, I created a free guide which you can find below.

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what does sea moss gel taste like

It’s been a good experience and its gone from something I thought id try as a one off to something that has become pretty much a regular addition to my morning routine.

Screenshot 2021 01 31 at 18.42.56
Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself?

I get a lot of comments asking me about my routine and how I take sea moss and some other things as well,, so I thought why not make this short video answering some of the most frequently asked questions as best I can. 

Just a little about where I’m at. I’m not a specialist or an authority on sea moss, I do encourage people who take sea moss regularly to chime in and maybe give me pointers on methods that maybe work for you that might improve my experience. I’ve not been taking this for long compared to some of you out there, so I’m all ears. 

I have to say as well, I’m not a doctor or a licensed healthcare practitioner, so please don’t take my advice over the advice of a doctor. Everybody reacts differently; what works for one person might not work for you.

So lets go with some of the most frequently posed questions regarding sea moss.

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Can You Take Sea Moss Every Day?

I get asked this question quite a lot. I know a few people who do take sea moss every day and they swear by it and I know people who take it once or twice a week and have great results from it. 

There are other factors that come into it such as what sort of sea moss you take, what form you take it in, how it’s been prepared etc and as you may know from my previous video, not all sea moss is made the same, so the potency isn’t always standardised.

Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself?
Raw Sea Moss Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself?

By that I mean, if somebody tells you “oh I take 2 tablespoons a day” you don’t know how they prepare their sea moss whether it’s more on the watery side meaning it has less leaves in it and is more likely to be less potent, or if it’s super thick and rich in texture which will have less water and more leaves in it.

And then when you get to the capsules, some capsules don’t give you a dosage amount so you don’t know how much you’re taking.

Many online articles say it can be taken several times a day, but many of them are trying to sell a product and so telling you that you should take it every day means they sell more product.

So you do need to do a little investigating and see what works for you.

Personally, I currently take sea moss every other day in my morning smoothie, I haven’t always taken this much, at the start I was taking a small amount every day.

I change my routine depending on how I feel, but right now, every other day is what’s working for me.   

How Much Sea Moss Should I Take?

Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself
Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself

The answer to this one sort of leans into the previous answer. Personally, I have always kept it conservative and still seen a massive effect. 

The people explicitly saying that I must take this certain amount to see a change have generally been people trying to sell me sea moss. 

If you’ve just bought or made some gel yourself, great! If you haven’t had it before, my advice would be to start off small as you may not know how your body will react to it. Once you feel comfortable that you’re ok then maybe have a little more. 

I currently put one tablespoon of sea moss gel into my morning smoothie every other day and I feel great. I don’t really feel I need any more than that, to be honest, but like I said, everybody is different, you may want to try taking more or less. 

When it comes to the gummies or the capsules, I can’t really say how much is enough because I don’t take them. 

The key here is listening to your body because only you really know how something makes you feel.

Where Do You Buy Your Sea Moss?

I get this question a lot. I currently don’t have one person or supplier that I get all my sea moss from.

Instead, I have a shortlist of sellers that I always go back to. A while ago I realised that it’s quite difficult to find good quality, reliable sea moss providers, and it’s kind of like the wild west out there with everybody doing their own thing and saying their sea moss is the best and some making wild claims that make it really hard to choose who to buy from, so I created my own shortlist that I can share with people.

I update it regularly because I’m not the only person who uses this list. It’s just a way to know what sea moss is of good quality. It’s a shared list between me and a few associates. So I’ll check what sellers have a good product, who is open about where and how their sea moss leaves have been harvested and if it satisfies my suspicions, then I’ll add it to the list.

If I buy sea moss from this seller, and it turns out to be of low quality, then of course I remove them from the list and never buy from them again!

I do share access to this list in my free ebook.You can find it here.

The ebook also has some info about what you should look out for when buying sea moss as well.

How Do You Prepare Your Sea Moss?

Some have even said that you should use carbonated water to soak the leaves. I’ve never tried that one, though!

I did actually make a video detailing the process I used to make my first ever batch of sea moss gel, which I will put in the description or flash up in the corner, the process I use today hasn’t really changed much since then at all. 

It’s actually a really simple process to prepare sea moss gel. But not all processes are the same, for example, some people say that you have to use spring water to soak the leaves, some don’t (I always use spring water) some have even said that you should use carbonated water to soak the leaves. I’ve never tried that one, though!

Also, there is the should you or shouldn’t you boil your sea moss argument. Some people say you should never boil sea moss and some say that you should. I’ve tried boiled and I’ve tried non-boiled.

Worth mentioning also is that you might hear some people tend to add their own twists or ingredients to their preparation, which is fine. Some add things like cinnamon or ginger, mainly for taste, whatever works for you really.

But in all honesty, it’s a really basic process. I don’t do anything fancy.

How Long Does Sea Moss Gel Last?

what does sea moss gel taste like
Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself? Common Sea Moss Questions

When stored in an airtight container in the fridge, the gel should last you for about a month. It’s harder to tell when it comes to gummies or skin care products because they don’t always tell you when the sea moss was harvested, how it was harvested and what type of moss it actually is so I avoid things like gummies and capsules, I just find them gimmicky.

If you take gummies and they work for you, then don’t let me stop you from taking them, but they’re just not for me.  

How Do You Know If Sea Moss Has Gone Bad?

It’s pretty easy to know when your sea moss gel has gone bad, the smell is strong and you might see mould growing in the jar. Also, if you get that far, the taste will change as well.

Trust me, you’ll know when it’s gone bad!

If you notice your sea moss smelling bad, then you have to just throw it away. It can make you really sick.

A way to avoid this is once you make a batch, bag it up into smaller portions and store the portions in the freezer. Sea moss can be frozen so if you mess your measurements up and end up with more sea moss gel than you expected, just store enough for a week or two in the fridge that you can use every day, and then bag rest up and store that in the freezer. 


My Final Point on Sea Moss

should you boil sea moss 2
Can You Eat Sea Moss Gel By Itself? Sea Moss Common Questions

I also wanted to add, try not to focus on sea moss being everything, by that I mean, there’s a lot of focus on whether it does or doesn’t work for you, but the fact of the matter is, if you don’t drink enough water every day, or your diet is full of a lot of bad foods, or you don’t get much exercise, sea moss isn’t going to magically turn everything around.

Please don’t look at sea moss as a magic cure. If you’re going to bring sea moss into your diet, then use that same energy to look at other things in your diet and lifestyle that can be improved upon, that way you will get a whole lot more out of your investment! Trust me.

Also, for those who have been taking sea moss regularly, share with me your answers to some of these questions in the comments below! I love hearing from others about their journey.


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