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Should You Buy the Reebok Nano X2? 


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From now on I’m only reviewing colorful shoes. Plain white and black shoes are just too boring!

These are the Reebok Nano X2 – a versatile fitness shoe from Reebok, yes Reebok. Reebok are still out here doing their thing. These Nano x2s have come very highly recommended, so I thought I had to try them out. Stay where you are!

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Reebok Nano X2 – My Verdict

Top pick
Reebok Nano X2 Training Shoe

A Solid 4 out of 5

I’m going to give these a solid 4 out of 5.
They are definitely an improvement on the previous Nanos and the cushioning and comfort impressed me.

  • Good cushioning.
  • Great stability.
  • RopePro feature is more effective than Metcon 7 Rope feature.
  • Not the shoe if you’re going for a personal best in the lifting dept.
  • Limited numbers in the more desirable colours, you gotta be quick!

Why Go for the Reebok Nano X2?

So you may be looking at your options for a good all-rounder, a good cross training shoe you can go running in, jump, squat, deadlift with no issues, most likely, you’ve thought about going for the safe and popular option which would of course be the Nike Metcons. They aren’t a bad choice at all and I wouldn’t blame you, but I’ve heard a lot about these new Reebok Nano X2s being a pretty solid contender to the Nike Metcons, so of course, I had to try them out.


Let me say at this point too, I bought these with my own money. I havent been paid by any third party to do this review.

I’m going to try these out and workout in them just as I would normally. Because I want to see how well they perform. 

This colourway is called cloud white, hint mint and core black – the colour selection on the Reebok X2 is really unconventional, and I really like it. One could say they’re maybe emulating Nike’s approach to colour selection with these unconventional colour combinations.

With the Metcons we do tend to see some loud and colourful combinations come out. I actually really like the colours these are available in, the only problem is of course, the best colours sell out pretty quickly!

I was gonna go for the core black/atomic pink and acid combination, or the core black/acid blue and atomic yellow but they didn’t have those colours in my size, so I went for these. 

When it comes to how the Nano X2 feel in my hand..


The upper on these feels very soft, the upper is made from Reebok’s Flexweave knit material, which basically gives you the strength required for a shoe like this without compromising on other qualities you’d need from a workout shoe like breathability and soft comfort.

You could probably compare it to Nike’s Flyknit material, but Nike currently aren’t using Flyknit on any Metcon shoes. They’re currently using a tougher plastic material nowhere near as soft as these. 

Another thing that really stands out about the Reebok x2s is the flexibility in the front of the shoe.

reebok nano x2 review

I recently reviewed the Nike Superrep 3, and these had an innovative feature designed to enable the user to feel more freedom and flexibility in the toe area. 

This flexible, softer feeling material in the forefoot of the Reebok Nano x2 I imagine was integrated to address the same thing, to support you when you’re doing moves that require high flexion of the foot overall adding to comfort. Which is always welcome.   

If you’re able to use them for ropes another thing worth mentioning is they have ​​a thing called ‘Ropepro outsole teeth’ which are there to help your foot grip to ropes if rope climbing is something you do in your workouts.

The Metcons have this too, but personally, I’ve never found them very useful on the Metcons. They don’t tend to grip the rope as well as I hope.

I look forward to seeing if this Ropepro feature of the X2s grips ropes better than the current Metcons do. 

So without further ado, I’m gonna go try these out!

What Were They Like to Workout In?

reebok nano x2 deadlift

When I first tried them on, I will say the first thing I noticed was… they’re very flat, but shoes of this type need to be. Don’t buy these expecting there to be any kind of arch support because you’re literally barking up the wrong tree here. 

You do feel a slight bit of cushioning with every step, but nothing over the top as if you were wearing shoes with an air bubble or a super cushioned pair of Hokas.

Are They Springy?

I wouldn’t say that the Nano X2s are springy at all. For me, They’re not as stripped down and close to the ground as a pair of converse Chuck Taylors are, and to me, they don’t feel as chunky and soft as I felt when I first tried the Nike Metcon 7s; the Nano X2s feel very basic.

When it comes to stability, I did feel like the sole does a great job at stabilising you. When I was running and moments where I was putting all of my weight on one foot, such as doing lunges in them, I did feel very stable. 

The reason why it’s better for a shoe like this to not have cushioning is because you want to use muscles in your feet and ankles to aid your stability rather than being helped by things like arch supports and super heels.

Squatting in the Nano X2s

 I felt as though my toes could fully splay out, which is a good thing. This really aids balance. I don’t have wide feet and these aren’t advertised as wide shoes, but these felt ‌surprisingly more roomy than I imagined. This is good for me because before every squat or deadlift I do, it’s important I splay my toes out to help me balance better and improve my connection to the floor. You just can’t do that in shoes that are too narrow or too soft.

Deadlifts were much like squats, the roominess was good, connection to the floor was good, I felt very balanced in my movements. But there is that slight compression or softness you can feel in the sole which would stop me from using these if I was pushing for a personal best.

I have heard some reviewers saying that removing the insole on the X2s is a good idea for stability. I tried that, and it didnt really make much difference for me to be honest.  both squatting and deadlift in these felt fine.


However, if you’re looking at doing more serious lifting, I would recommend either going barefoot or getting a more specialized shoe for your needs. 

Overall material comfort was great, too. I would also say that the Flexweave material makes a difference. Moves requiring a lot of toe flexion felt really comfortable, like I was wearing socks.

I actually think the Flexweave material does make a difference. I think each brand should use their version more in these types of all rounder cross-training shoes, so Reebok you have Flexweave, Adidas has Primeknit and Nike has Flyknit, I think the material does bring something really significant to the table in terms of flexibility and cooling. 

reebok nano x2 55

Reebok Nano X2 – My Opinion.

“The Reebok Nano X2s are an excellent choice, but before you consider going for them, be sure about what sort of workouts you’re going to be doing.”

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