Is Nike Tech Fleece Worth It?


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Nike is consistently raising the bar on sports apparel. Their Tech Fleece line has been a popular addition since its release. 

Many people enjoy wearing Nike Tech Fleece hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, and jumpers because they are lightweight and comfortable. 

There is a question that begs to be answered, though. Is Nike Tech Fleece worth it?

Nike Tech Fleece

Key Points

  • Supreme comfort - great for everyday wear.
  • Lightweight material.
  • Tapered fit.
  • Sizing can be tricky - Make sure you get the right fit!

Is Nike Tech Fleece Worth the Cost?

You might get a little sticker shock when you realize the cost of Nike Tech Fleece compared to their other garments. It’s probably the reason why you’re reading this article.

I will state now, this is not a featured or sponsored article paid for by Nike. I will be giving you an honest opinion from somebody who has bought numerous Nike garments.

First, it is important to know what Tech Fleece is and what it does. Nike released their first Tech Fleece collection in 2013.

This material is made of soft foam that is sandwiched between layers of soft jersey fabric.

Nike’s Tech Fleece responds to your body heat, locking in warmth, with no bulky material, such as found in traditional sweatpants. 

Now, to answer the question. Is Nike Tech Fleece worth it? There are two reasons most people will answer yes to this question.

  • Firstly, they are very comfortable.
  • Secondly, they look very stylish with sneakers (in my opinion). 

Many people have discovered with less bulk comes better style. Nike is constantly releasing new pieces, and they all wash well, some without suffering from fleece pilling as traditional fleece clothing tends to over time. 

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Is Nike Tech Fleece Worth the Cost?

Is Nike Tech Fleece Generally True to Size? (Pants, Jackets, and Jumpers)?

As with many clothing manufacturers, there appears to be a bit of a sizing issue with the Nike Tech Fleece line. 

Apart from some reviews mentioning that the sizing of some of the newer Nike Tech Fleece items not fitting the same as previous iterations, many people have reported they run a little small in their sizes. 

If you read some online reviews for Tech Fleece, you will find many people saying they ended up needing to purchase a size larger than their normal size. 

**You should also look at the official size chart on the Nike site.** 

People especially say the pants are a little tight, so you may want to go up a size to get a more comfortable fit. 

Some people have reported Nike Tech Fleece jackets and jumpers run a little on the bigger side. 

But Nike’s saving grace is that they have a pretty good returns policy, so you can order a few items and return the one that doesn’t quite fit correctly.

For instance, one reviewer stated he wore a large in pants and a small in the jacket. Purchase with caution, being careful to get the best size for you. 

Does Nike Tech Fleece Keep You Warm?

Nike did a lot of research to find the perfect way to reduce bulkiness in fleece sports apparel, and to make it more streamlined and give a more fitted look. 

Through their research, they were able to come up with some technological advances that changed the way fleece was manufactured. 

As mentioned above, Nike Tech Fleece features two independent layers of jersey material. 

Between these two layers is a light and airy foam layer that is so thin, most people do not even realize it is there, but it has an extremely important job to accomplish. 

To understand how this works, think about corrugated cardboard. 

is nike tech fleece worth it

When you look at the cardboard, you see two outer layers and one inner layer that is corrugated to allow the box to prevent being crushed, by allowing for air movement. 

Nike Tech Fleece works much like corrugated cardboard, as far as the layering goes. 

The inner layer of foam allows air to circulate. It helps you to stay warm without the bulk of heavy fleece. 

Nike’s idea is for this technology to work with your own body heat to keep you warm. 

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Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink?

Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink?

Some say they have had no problem, but others have noticed a slight shrink. 

From personal use, I noticed the Tech Fleece pants shrink slightly when they were washed at 40°C. 

Although there is a bit of shrinking action that takes place, once you put clothing on and wear it for a short time, the Tech Fleece material begins to respond to your body heat and starts to loosen up. 

If you have a pair of pants that have taped seams, do not dry them. Over time, this seam can, unfortunately, come loose. 

To be on the safe side, many people wash their Nike Tech Fleece pieces in cold water and hang them up to air dry. This method prevents shrinkage and keeps the pieces looking newer for longer. 

To further ensure your Nike Tech Fleece continues to look new, it would be wise to use the gentle cycle. 

This cycle uses less agitation, so your clothes do not get abused by the washing machine.

Does Nike Tech Fleece Shrink?

Some people go one step further to take care of their Nike Tech Fleece. They handwash them and hang them to dry. This lessens the likelihood of fleece pilling in the material. 

Is Nike Tech Fleece Good Quality? The Problem With ‘Pilling

As with all mass-produced clothing items, it would be impossible to expect perfection. 

That being said, when you spends a lot of money on a pair of pants, you don’t expect pilling to happen right away. 

When the first-gen line came out, people were thrilled with their purchases. Some people are still wearing first-gen Nike Tech Fleece. Even though they have faded, they report no pilling

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for newer generations.

Although most people still love their Tech Fleece pieces, they have said there are a few minor issues. 

Pilling is a common occurrence for some, and it mostly happens in the inner thigh and buttocks area. 

People have also reported some minor problems, like loose threads. 

It is not clear whether the pilling that has been experienced was because of improper care. 

Many reviewers state they have experienced no issues because they handwash and air-dry their Tech Fleece. 

To make sure your Nike Tech Fleece lasts as long as possible and you don’t experience pilling, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care. 

The more care you give your Tech Fleece, the longer it will last. That means not wearing them every day too.

Is Nike Tech Fleece Worth It 6
Why Is Nike Tech Fleece So Expensive?

Why Is Nike Tech Fleece So Expensive?

Nike Tech Fleece has received some glowing reviews, especially when they first made their way into the market. 

They are maybe the most comfortable sweatpants I have tried in a long time, but it depends on my activity. 

Even those who love Tech Fleece are always shocked over the price. Many don’t want to pay a high price for a pair of joggers unless they have unique features or a guarantee to differentiate them from a cheaper pair. 

So, how is Nike able to encourage buyers to shell out so much money? How do they justify such an extravagant price?

As with most big names in the clothing industry, you are paying, in part, for the Nike name. 

Another reason Nike Tech Fleece is so expensive is the materials. With normal fleece, there is only one layer of material to sew together. 

Tech Fleece, as mentioned above, features a layer of light foam that is sandwiched between two layers of soft jersey fabric. 

There are also a lot of little features that make the manufacturing process more extensive and expensive. 

The joggers, for instance, are cuffed nicely at the ankles, so they do not get caught in your sneakers or drag around on the ground. 

These pants also feature a zippered pocket with another smaller pocket inside, so you can safely secure your wallet before going for a run or sitting in a low seat. 

The manufacturing process is lengthier than with some other types of Nike apparel making the production costs higher for the Nike Tech Fleece line. 

Does all of this justify the expensive price tag? That is something only you can decide. 

Celebrities in Nike Tech Fit

Tech Fleece pieces are chosen by many celebrities and sports stars as casual wear, mainly due to their comfort factor. Drake, DeMar DeRosen, Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounpo have all been spotted in Nike Tech Fleece pieces.

Is Nike Tech Fleece Worth It? – Conclusion

Nike is a sports apparel company that will of course continue to work to outshine the competition. 

With Tech Fleece, they have added an entirely different dimension to their collection, prioritizing style while remaining comfortable. 

So, is Nike Tech Fleece worth it? The answer to this question is yes if you enjoy looking stylish and want to feel comfortable.

Most people do consider them comfortable and stylish enough to warrant paying such a hefty price, but we all still cringe a little when we look at that price tag!


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