Apple AirPods Pro for Gym: Are They The Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out?

airpods pro review

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Using Apple AirPods Pro for gym is common. It’s no secret that Apple is a company with high standards. They release nothing until it meets their quality requirements. The same can be said for the Airpods Pro, which is Apple’s second generation of wireless earbuds that come in an updated design and improved features to make them more suitable for working out. I’ve been wearing these earbuds every time I go to the gym for about three weeks now so let me share my thoughts on what they’re like to live with and whether or not they perform well in the gym environment!

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What are the AirPods Pro standout features?

The AirPods Pro comes with an updated design and improved features which to some make them more suitable for working out.

airpods pro review Apple AirPods Pro for gym

The first thing you notice about the Airpod pro is the shorter stem of the earbud, which makes it a little lighter and less likely to fall out. The shorter stem also gives a smaller profile.

You can now charge the AirPods Pro wirelessly with their own charging case – so no need for cables. You can still charge them with a cable, but wireless charging out the box gives you an added option. I have a wireless charging power bank in my car which I sit them on, so by the time I arrive at the gym, they’re fully charged and ready for me to workout without any fear of them running out of battery after having worn them all day.

Is the AirPods Pro battery good?

They’re rated at five hours with the wireless charging case on, but I get a little more than six.

The AirPods Pro also have some new sensors that detect when you take them out and pause whatever you are listening to – so they know when not in use and saves on battery. They can now track your pace for running workout too which can drain the battery a little more, but they have never completely gone empty on me in the whole time.

These features make these headphones ideal for working out as they won’t stop playing if left hanging around your neck from earbud cables or will just start up again after coming back from a short break like Bluetooth headsets do.

What about using Apple AirPods Pro for Gym?

I’ve been wearing these earbuds every time I go to the gym for about a year now so let me share my thoughts on what they’re like to live with! In terms of performance in the gym environment, I’d have to say that they do very well.

The feature I use the most by far is the noise-canceling feature. There’s nothing worse than trying to workout while you can hear the gym music in the background or hear some people chatting. The noise-canceling cuts a large percentage of background noise out so you don’t have any of those distractions. It even works when you don’t have music playing which is really awesome.

One annoyance though is when I bench press or do any move that requires me to lie flat on my back, they always fall out of place or fall out of my ears completely, so I have to take them out. I dont even need to be moving my head rigourously, they just become dislodged and fall out. You can actually buy third-party ear hooks that deal with this problem, but I haven’t tried any of them.

How does the AirPods pro compare to other sports headphones/alternatives?

airpods pro review Apple AirPods Pro for gym

The Airpods Pro is designed as a high-end earbud, so they do not compare very well to lower-end options. They will be more expensive than other wireless headphones like the Jaybird X series and Sennheiser HD66X. The flagship Apple option for working out is comparable in price to higher-priced Bluetooth earbuds.

Before I bought these I did buy the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds, at the time they were around £100/$140 cheaper than the Airpods Pro were to buy, and many people said they were a very good pair of earbuds. I spent ages deliberating over which pair was better.

Everyday usage Airpod Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3

Things I liked about the Sony WF-1000XM3 Vs The Airpod Pro

  • It came with ear tips that fit my ears more snugly than the Airpods Pro
  • The customisation via the Sony app enabled me a lot more freedom to tweak the sound to my liking.
  • In simple terms, they seemed to do everything the Airpods pro did with more bass in the sound quality by default.
  • They came in black.
SONY WF-1000XM3 review airpods pro review 3 airpods pro review Apple AirPods Pro for gym

Why I chose the Airpods Pro over the Sony WF-1000XM3

  • The Sony WF-1000XM3 noise cancelling made me feel nautious, gave me a headache several times for some reason. To this day I am not sure why, it felt like I had water trapped in my ears rather than having an ear plug in.
  • Having to use the Sony WF-1000XM3 app whenever I wanted to activate noise cancelling was fiddly and annoying at times 
  • Changing the EQ to have music sound exactly as I like it was a nice feature with the Sony WF-1000XM3 and looks awesome on paper, but it’s not practical. I listen to a big variety of music when I train and having to change the EQ with every genre/song is not very prctical for me. The Airpods manage to sound better by default without be feeling like I want to tweak the EQ.
  • The wireless charging option is a nice added bonus
  • the noise cancelling didnt give me a headache, feels more natural.  

Can you wear Airpods pro in the shower?

Yes, they are IPX water-resistant.

The AirPods Pro can be used in the shower as long as you do not submerge them or get them wet with water droplets while turned on. They are waterproof and designed to work in a variety of environments including rain, snow, sand, and dust storms but should definitely not be worn while swimming.

I did drop them in water one time accidentally, I took them out instantly and left them to dry overnight by the window, they work completely fine now.

Are the AirPods Pro shock resistant?

airpods pro review Apple AirPods Pro for gym

The AirPods Pro are not shock-resistant. They do have a case to protect them from shock when not being worn of course, but not when they are outside of the case, so you’re on the treadmill or doing any other activities and they fall out, then over time, they may not work as well as before. That is one of their downsides for working out and the main reason why I don’t wear them when I’m doing the bench press.

Are The Airpods Pro still worth buying now with the AIrpod Pro 2 on the horizon?

They’re a very good earbud, but for me, it all depends on what additions the AirPods Pro 2 brings to the table, and how much cheaper the Airpod Pro becomes after the arrival of the Airpod pro 2. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Conclusion – Are the Apple Airpods Pro god earbuds for working out?

The Apple Airpods Pro are great earbuds for working out. They have a comfortable fit and sound good, which is what you need when you’re sweating it up in the gym. The battery life is also impressive at six hours of listening time on one charge — about four more workouts than most wireless buds offer — meaning they’ll last longer if your workout routine varies between short runs and long bike rides (or anything else). All in all, I’ve liked these as my go-to pair of earphones for working out.


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