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Top 10 Best Sports Headphones

best sports headphones

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The Best Sports Headphones for Running, Gym and Exercise

Having music on while training is proven to improve your performance. Running, lifting weights, inside or outside, music is an excellent tool for motivation.

So here is our selection of some of the best sports headphones out there with features targeted to the more active user.

Whether you are a gym-goer, a trail runner, yoga lover there is a pair suited to you. Read on to find out more.

10 – Pioneer SE-E721-K

The SE-E721 “skull fit” headphones offered by Pioneer clamp firmly to the ears and will not let go just as the manufacturer advertises.

They are comfortable with adjustable buds that allow for a custom fit and user control over how much sound fills the ears.

The bassy sound comes courtesy of 9 mm speakers and makes for outstanding performance when working out to up-tempo tunes.

We consider them amongst the best sports headphones mainly because of the rugged construction and firm grip on the ears they give you which makes them ideal for individuals participating in extreme workouts but they are just as suitable and perform just as well for casual joggers.

RRP £40 – Latest deal

9 – Sennheiser PMX 685i

These headphones, made by a collaboration between Adidas and Sennheiser, represent the next generation PMX 680 neckband sports headphones, a product we love and consider amongst the best sports headphones available today.

The slim frame lightens the load and gives them a more comfortable fit underneath a cycling helmet.

Even with the slim frame, these sports headphones continue to feel very durable.

The remote attaches to the left side meaning users sometimes notice a slight pull when threaded underneath an outer garment but despite that, the buds stay firmly in place.

They deliver the same 120dBs of power as their predecessors but have a richer sound thanks to improved frequency response.

As with the older model though, they are lower in bass output, but they still pack a punch

RRP £60 – Latest price

8 – Sony XBA-S65

The XBA-S65 sports headphones from Sony features silicone buds with adjustable hangers that loop around the ears.

With four sizes to choose from, all users are guaranteed a secure fit for even the most intense workouts.

They are extremely lightweight at a mere 10 grams but the trade-off for that weight is the lack of remote control.

The earpieces are narrow and instead of using dynamic drivers, they have armature drivers for impressive vocals and clear bass even when the volume is turned up to a high level.

Overall, these are among the best sounding headphones available for sports enthusiasts.

RRP £79 – Latest price

7 – Yurbuds Inspire Duro

These sports headphones live up to the company’s claims about its “Twistlock” technology and the ability of these headphones to stay in place, which is a common annoyance for sports heaphone wearers.

The unique shape of the flexible ear buds avoids irritating the ear.

They are also washable and waterproof if they get wet or need a quick clean. 

Another good thing is that they don’t completely shut out ambient noise which is good if you are cycling or jogging in busy traffic scenarios which would require you to stay aware of background sounds.

RRP £50 – Latest price

6 – Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit

This pair of sports headphones by Philips features a neckband design, if you prefer that form factor. The flexible band is lightweight but exerts enough pressure to ensure they stay in place.

This product is waterproof eliminating any worries about damage from rain or sweat.

The impressive sound flatters any music with heavy bass.

These headphones look, feel, and sound great representing a great effort by Philips, well worthy of our best sports headphones list!

RRP £36 – Latest price

5 – Philips SHQ5200/10 ActionFit

These over-head headphones weigh a mere 3.5 ounces and are Philip’s latest release in the ActionFit line.

The silicone headband stays firmly in place and the cable is not only reinforced with Kevlar for durability but will split into pieces if snagged to prevent damage.

The comfortable ear pads absorb moisture and are detachable for easy cleaning in any washing machine on laundry day.

The 40 mm neodymium drivers deliver outstanding bass response.

RRP £59 – Latest price

4 – Pioneer SE-D10E-N STEEZ

The SE-D10E STEEZ headphones, made by Pioneer, offer an excellent sound and are resistant to sweat and durable enough to withstand impact with the ground when dropped.

RRP £60 – Latest price

3 – Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats

Our biggest complaint about the Powerbeats by Dr Dre is that fact that they cannot be adjusted for a custom fit.

They provide exceptional sound and are available in a wide variety of color options to suit any personal style.

RRP £120 –Latest price

2 – Jaybirds Bluebuds X

Everybody knows how wires can be a distraction for serious runners. Jaybird’s Bluebuds X are Bluetooth compatible and offer a moisture resistant Liquipel coating along with voice prompts in the most compact wireless headphone package currently available on the market.

Their eight-hour battery life makes them a popular choice with marathon runners.

RRP £150 – Latest price

1 – Monster iSport Victory

Runners searching for the best headphones will find these wireless headphones to be a suitable choice because they are resistant to moisture. Monster is known for manufacturing quality headphones that offer crisp sound and loud bass and these are no exception and we found them the best sports headphones.

Users can charge them through any Micro-USB and the adjustable strap allows for a custom fit.

The Monster iSport Victory are well worth the money.

Everything in the robust, durable design is geared to make these ideal for running.

The tangle-free cord, secure SportClip earbuds, and waterproof build make them versatile, and it’s easy to wash the sweat off them afterwards.

They tick the sound performance box as well. The noise isolation works great to drown out exterior noise in the gym and outdoors.

The sound is bassy, but unlike some of the running headphones we’ve tested the detail and clarity really impresses.

There’s a ControlTalk in-line mic with iOS control support that delivers decent sound quality for hands-free calls.

RRP £130 – Latest price

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