How to Get Bad Smell Out of Protein Shaker


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We’ve all been there, you’re about to use your protein shaker and you get a whiff of the cup before you use it and you realize that this protein shaker stinks.

You rinse it out again and dry it, and the smell is still there. Even though it’s been washed it still has a lingering odor that is just too much to handle. How do you get rid of this smell or does this mean it’s time to throw this shaker in the recycling bin?

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Why Does My Protein Shaker Smell So Bad?

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When your protein shaker smells really bad it’s usually due to the fact that the plastic of the shaker over time has absorbed bacteria. Over time, the remnants of your milky protein shake that you’ve been drinking have lingered in there for too long and have left their mark.

Sometimes you drink a protein shake and the empty unclean shaker bottle goes back into your gym bag or onto the back seat of your car until you are able to wash it properly.  

The longer the unclean protein shaker stays with bits of shake residue inside, the more bacteria that is forming inside on the plastic of the shaker bottle imprinting itself onto the plastic. 

Even worse is the fact that sometimes when you close the shaker bottle after use, the bacteria build up inside intensifies the bad funk when you open the shaker bottle up again.

It really doesn’t take long for a shaker bottle with a little bit of protein shake in the bottom to start stinking, especially if it has been left in a warm badly ventilated area like the backseat of a car. 

How to Get Bad Smell Out of Protein Shaker

When it comes to the question of how to clean a protein shaker bottle to get the bad smell out, you have several approaches.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So to limit the possibility of a smell forming in the first place, try to get into the habit of cleaning the bottle out as soon as you can after you have drunk from it. If you’re not near a kitchen sink, just rinse the shaker bottle out with water (preferably warm) until you are able to properly clean it out with dish soap when you get home.

Tip: Keep a small hand sanitizer bottle of dish soap in your car, squirt a little in your shaker bottle with a little bit of water after you’ve used it. Doing this will keep the protein shake residue from clinging to the plastic and making your protein shaker bottle smell bad over time.  

If your protein shaker already smells bad then there are several things you can do to try and get rid of the smell and have your protein shaker smelling like new again.

  • Fill the bottle with hot water and put a few drops of dish soap in it, leave it to soak for 15 minutes. Empty the water, clean it out with dish soap and this should help greatly. 
  • For a more stubborn build up do the same, fill the shaker with hot water, but add a denture tablet. Believe it or not this works. Leave the denture tablet in there for 15 minutes, dump out the water, rinse it out again and your shaker bottle should be smelling brand new again.

Will I Get Ill If I Drink from a Bad-Smelling Protein Shaker?


It’s possible. Depending on how long the protein shaker has been left uncleaned drinking a protein shake with the bacteria formed could make you ill.

It’s really not a good idea to even consider this. Just rinse the bottle out or hold off until you are able to clean the bottle out properly.

Is it worth the risk of spending a couple of days on the toilet from food poisoning?

Are There Protein Shakers That Don’t Stink After Use?

If the above tips don’t work, then it might be time to get a new protein shaker bottle. The good thing is that now you know how to prevent the next one from smelling bad!

Top 3 Odorless Shaker Bottles

The key is to find a shaker that is made from a material that doesn’t absorb odor.

Some manufacturers label their shakers as ‘odorless’, these are usually stainless steel shakers but there are some plastic shakers that don’t absorb odor as well.


Strada Shaker Stainless steel

  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Made from high-quality BPA and phthalate-free materials


  • Made Of Food-Grade Tritan Material
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids
  • Easy-to-clean design

SportMixer Twist BPA FREE

  • 28-Ounce capacity
  • Foldaway loop for portability without bulk
  • Textured grip

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