Do Nobull Shoes Run True To Size? – Let’s Take A Look At Nobull

Today, we have many choices when it comes to cross-training and shoes that promise to do everything and anything.

Fitness enthusiasts know the importance of having a high-performance shoe that will protect their feet and keep them balanced during many activities in the gym.

I first learned of NoBull shoes when I noticed somebody in the gym wearing them and I started seeing people on Instagram wearing them in their videos.

Since its launch in 2015, Nobull has gained quite a large following. Mainly people who like a more minimalist shoe and maybe are tired of the overly hyper promotional buzz that comes with workout footwear.

Nobull offers a full line of sportswear for both men and women. Their line of shoes includes trainers, runners, lifters, cyclers, and slides. 

This company is working to empower people to get out and move. They offer a no-nonsense approach to shoe production, and their minimalist perspective is certainly catching on with the sports world. 

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Should You Buy a Pair of Nobull Trainers? - First Impressions

Nobull Shoes Vs. Reebok Nano X

When Nobull released their shoes, they did so knowing they would face some very stiff competition from the more known names on the market.

To my knowledge, one of the most known shoes in the workout/cross-training shoe space that could be directly compared to Nobull shoes is the Reebok Nano X, which is currently believed to be one of the best fitness shoes on the market.

Reebok Nano X Shoes Black FV6672 52 standard
Reebok Nanos

So, how does the newcomer on the block stack up to the established brand of Reebok?

Visual Differences & Similarities

First, let’s talk about the visual differences and similarities. Both shoes offer 4mm heel-to-toe drop. They are both covered in a breathable fabric. 

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Both shoes are made in much the same way and are approachable for just about every style. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, for both men and women. 

If you look at both shoes from above, you will notice the Reebok Nano X is a touch wider in the toe area. They look roomier from above, but how does this equate to comfort?

Differences in Comfort

If you are looking for a supportive running shoe, neither offers an extreme level of padding in the heel which can lead to heel shocks. No matter which shoe you choose, you are going to likely need a heel pad insert. 

As stated above, there is more room in the toe box of the Reebok Nano X. If you have large toes and like plenty of wiggle room, the Nobull shoes come up short in this area. 

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Nobull trainers are lighter, which is preferable for many. Although they are lighter, the fabric on the Nobull shoe is a little thicker. Some find this less comfortable, and some see it as a sign of more durability.

Are Nobulls a Contender?

Although there are undoubtedly differences between the two shoes, neither one is completely superior. Where one falters, the other rises. For those who are counting out Nobulls as a contender, they should not. 

Nobulls can hold their own with the Reeboks. But they don’t do anything to raise the bar.

Do Nobull Shoes Run True to Size?

There are a few varying opinions for Nobull shoes running true to size. If you look at their store page online, they boldly claim all their shoes run true to size, and for many, this is true. 

I personally found they ran slightly smaller than true to size.

That being said, if you read Nobull reviews, you are going to find people talking about the length of the shoe running a little on the small size. 

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Some also say Nobull shoes run a little narrower than the Reebok Nano X and other trainers.

It is important to remember that Nobull shoes are unisex in sizing, so you should be able to move up or down a size, depending on the fit you are looking for. 

If you want to get the best fit possible from Nobull shoes, make sure to use their size chart.

Those who have wider feet unfortunately Nobull don’t have wide options.

Do Nobull Shoes Have Good Arch Support?

Nobull shoes, as the company name suggests, have a minimal design. Because of their minimalistic approach, these shoes do not offer arch support. 

Arch support is important for allowing your foot to spring when you run, jump, or even walk. If your arches are not supported, you will probably feel your feet slap the ground each time you move. Other shoes I’ve tried and reviewed here such as the Metcon and the Savaleos offer much better support for the foot 

As a word of caution, if you have flat feet, Nobull shoes may not be right for you. If you purchase a pair, use orthotics to protect your feet and prevent injuries. You would be wise to wear orthotics with just about any trainer shoe. 

The lack of arch support is not a deal-breaker for many, though it would be nice to see Nobull offer a more upscale version of their trainers, with additional arch and heel support. 

Are Nobull Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

Some people do not have slender feet, whether they are male or female. Nobull Superfabric Trainers are undoubtedly comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, but there are some problem areas, as we have mentioned above. 

If you have a more narrow foot, you’ll be OK with Nobull trainers.

If your foot is on the wide side, you may find Nobull shoes to be too confining and tight.

Forcing your feet into shoes that are too narrow is only going to cause problems like hammertoe, bunions, corns, and calluses. 

Unfortunately, Nobull does not offer wide-width options. You may be able to get enough room by purchasing one half to one size larger, but this could lead to your foot slipping up and down in the shoe if the size is too much bigger. 

If you try them on and they do not fit, make sure to return them right away for a refund, they aren’t available in stores so you have to buy and return them if they don’t fit, which is a bit of a pain when it comes to a shoe brand that you have never bought before.

Nobull Trainer High Tops Vs. Low Tops

When comparing Nobull trainer high tops and low tops, it is important to focus on the facts.

The defining difference between low tops and high tops of any maker is the ankle support.

High tops naturally have a higher ankle collar, presumably offering more support to prevent ankle rollover. If you play certain sports, high tops are likely going to be your go-to shoe. 

If you like the look of Chucks, but find the support to be lacking, then the Nobull high top may be to your liking. It is a perfect everyday shoe, and it can be worn for lifting and some types of workouts. 

Most people are going to find the low top and high top have the same basic setup when it comes to every area but the ankle.

The toe box is about the same in both the high and low top, and they both offer the same fabric cover. 

Things That Suck About Nobull Shoes? Pros and Cons.

You cant make a good choice if you do not have all the information.

You need to know what makes a trainer good and what parts of it suck, to decide if the good outweighs the bad and you want to buy. 

First, we will talk about what makes Nobull shoes suck.

One of the biggest problems with these shoes is not being able to try them on first.

Purchasing from their website is great, but it does not allow you to feel the shoe and walk around in it before buying.

Some people have said had they been able to try Nobull shoes on first, they would not have purchased them. 

Although there are people who swear by these shoes, there are some who think they are more hype than substance.

If you look at the Nobull website, it is clear to see that they focus a lot on style. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish, it is better to choose performance and comfort over aesthetics. 

None of the above makes Nobull shoes suck as a whole, but they are important to consider.

You need to know if the trainers you are buying are going to work for you or simply become a nice accessory to wear. 

Pros and Cons

Although some of these have been mentioned throughout this article, it never hurts to reiterate. This guide cuts through the bull, no pun intended and ensures you know what Nobull shoes are really about. 


  • The perforated upper design means Nobull shoes are truly lightweight. 
  • The mesh fabric of these shoes allows them to breathe, making you feel more comfortable during workouts. 
  • With the one-piece construction, you will find these shoes are less likely to break apart and become damaged. 
  • The carbon lateral guard plate on the sides of the shoes helps to ensure the sidewalls do not become prematurely damaged. 
  • Nobull shoes are highly flexible, making them ideal for everyday wear or CrossFit training.
  • Nobull shoes are fairly inexpensive when you compare them to bigger names. 
  • The lugged pattern on the sole of the shoe offers a strong no-slip grip. 
  • Nobull shoes are really easy to clean. 


  • As mentioned above, the shoe box for Nobull shoes is not very accommodating to wider feet. If you need extra toe wiggle room, you may find Nobull shoes to be too confining or even uncomfortable. 
  • Many have said Nobull shoes run true to size, but just as many complain about the length being shorter. If you are concerned about size, try purchasing a half size bigger than what you normally wear. 
  • Although Nobull shoes are known for their durability, some say training in them can cause premature destruction. Certain types of workouts put a lot of strain on the seams of the shoe and can lead to splitting. 

Most people have found the pros outweigh the cons. Keep in mind that no trainer is going to please every person because everyone and their feet are different. 

Conclusion: Should I Buy Nobull Trainers?

You have a lot of options for workout trainers such as Metcons, Nanos, and even Converse Chuck Taylors.

converse-all-star-chuck taylor best-lifting-shoe

While Nobull has only been around for a short time, they are becoming a contender against other names like Reebok and Nike.

Are they 100% there yet? Only time will tell.

Nobull offers a shoe that is comfortable and stylish. A couple of things to note such as not having wider fit options and not being able to see the shoe in your hand before buying as these are only sold online only could be a big problem for some.

They may not be every person’s cup of tea, and people will always question whether these shoes are more style over substance, but they remain a powerful fighter in the industry looking at where they are today and the number of people who are wearing them.  

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