My Top 5 Nike SNKRs App Tips – How I Finally Managed To Cop Something


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The Nike SNKRS app is notoriously difficult to get sneakers on. I always get frustrated when I try to get sneakers from the app and end up being unsuccessful. However, this time around, I finally got something!

In this article, I will list all of the things I did before the deadline to give myself the highest chance of success.

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1. I Checked the Nike SNKRS App Every Day

I checked the app every day. I did this for a couple of reasons:

I had heard that being a regular user of the app increases your chances of copping (obtaining a pair successfully).

So I guess, the more you show that you are an engaged Nike app user, the higher your chances are of getting something that you like. I had been checking the SNKRs app every day and checking all of the content on there so that I show that I am an engaged person. Also, checking the app everyday did give me some surprises. Some shoes that I was unaware of being released soon actually appeared in the app.

2. I Checked the Nike SNKRS App at Night

While checking the app every day is important, I figured that checking the app at night would increase my chances of copping something. Some people have said that Nike likes to restock sneakers in the late evening or early morning because people are more likely to act quickly on them.

So, I decided to check the app at night on a regular basis. The reason I decided to start doing this was because there are fewer people who are using the app at night than there are during the day. This means that you have a better chance of getting what you want if you check it out then.

I have to say that this strategy has worked for me. I was able to cop a pair of LeBron X Lows. I got them at 2:30 AM, and they were only available for 10 minutes. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to see them, and I was able to cop them right away.

3. I Used Multiple Devices When Checking the Nike SNKRS App

I used multiple devices when checking the app so that my chances of copping would increase exponentially. When you check out the app on your phone, it will show you what is available on your current device only. Weirdly, sometimes it differs. On my Android, I noticed that some items don’t show as promptly as on iOS. Small things like button placements can differ too.

On release days I sometimes use 3 devices, my phone, my laptop, and my iPad. This way, I have a better chance of getting what I want. This method has worked twice in a 4 month period. Again, I’m not 100% sure if it was coincidental, but these are just things I have tried that may have helped me be successful.

4. I Checked the App Every 8 Minutes AFTER the drop for one hour and a half

If I’m not successful after a drop, I refreshed it to see if there was any new stock. A friend of mine told me that if an item drops and a successful person is unable to complete the transaction within a time period, then that item goes back into availability for everybody else. He stated 8 minutes is the length of time it seems to refresh. I don’t really know if this is all true, but I always try this method just in case.

5. I Took Care of Myself During Release Day

I made sure that on release days, my mind and body were in tip-top shape so that I could stay focused and alert during the day. It’s easy to get distracted and be on edge when you’re up at weird hours trying to cop something.

Make sure that you take care of yourself during your release day so that you can maximize your chances of copping what you want.

Also, if you don’t cop something, don’t be too hard on yourself. Nothing is guaranteed and just remember you are not the only one, there are thousands more if not millions of people who miss out on every one of these drops.

Don’t let the pre and post-drop stress spill out into other parts of your life. There will be other drops and other opportunities to get the shoes you want.


Hopefully some of these methods will work for you on the next drop. Hopefully Nike updates the SNKRs app to ensure real Nike fans have a higher chance of copping than people who just intend to just resell for a ridiculous price.


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