Metcon Flyease Review – How Do They Compare to the Normal Metcons?

metcon 9 flyease in gym

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The Nike Metcon Flyease is the latest in Nike’s line of Crossfit shoes. The Flyease technology allows for easier entry into the shoe and was created for athletes whose mobility may mean they require shoes that are easier to put on and take off.

But does this Flyease innovation work well, and what are they like to workout in?

***Update*** The Metcon 9 FlyEase has since been released, see my review here!


The New Metcons Are Out!
My Metcon 9 FlyEase Verdict…
See the latest review HERE

You wouldn’t think it, but they’re more comfy than the regular version(…) Right now, they only come in two colours, orange and black. But I hope that changes soon!

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Regular Version
Nike Metcon 9 (Regular)
  • Still Popular: Still a good versatile training shoe
  • Comfortable: Improved sole feels a little more comfortable than previous model
  • Running: Still not the best for long distance running!
  • Rope Guard: Rope guard has been improved
NIke Metcon 9 (Flyease)
  • Still Popular:
  • Comfortable: A little more spacious - if you want more room go for this one
  • Running: Felt a little better due to the extra space/comfort
  • Rope Guard: Same rope guard

What is Nike Flyease/EasyOn All About?

The difference is in the heel.

The latest Metcon is part of Nike’s Flyease line. The technology allows for easier ankle entry and more consistent closure. Athletes with disabilities have the option of wearing shoes that are easier to put on and take off. So they’re especially useful for athletes who have a lack of mobility maybe those who have arthritis in their hands that cannot use laces, those who may not be able to bend their ankles very much due to lack of functional ankle rotation, or any loss of mobility whatever the reason may be.

Other features with the Flyease Metcon include Nike’s trademarked Dynamic Support system and a soft rubber outsole that is designed for added durability.

The Metcon Flyease shoe’s upper lacks the traditional lacing system found on other shoes but instead utilizes a Flyease closure system at the heel. The rest of the shoe is made almost identically to a normal Nike Metcon in terms of height, shape, and materials used. A 2mm heel-to-toe drop is maintained for this shoe.

Metcon Flyease Vs Regular Metcon

The first thing to note is that the Flyease version is not a new shoe, it’s a shoe made with altered features.

  • The Metcon Flyease has a compressible heel that aids the wearer in slipping the shoe on. It has a wider opening that the regular Metcon.
  • The sides of the Flyease Metcon are made of stretch material. The regular Metcon is a single walled mesh throughout the shoe.
  • Metcon Flyease comes in two colors: black and volt. The regular Metcon has a much wider color selection.
  • According to Nike, the new Metcon Flyease is more comfortable than the original and offers better stability and support.

What are the Flyease Metcons Like To Wear?


Having tried the Flyease Metcon I was impressed with how comfortable it is to wear. As soon as you slip them on they feel great – The compressive heel makes the shoe fit very snugly around your foot, in a similar way to compression socks.

The entry system is also cleverly designed. You have two velcro straps that you pull to tighten and loosen the shoe. This works very well and feels like a solid fastening system that won’t break.

The shoe felt the same as the non-Flyease model to a degree, but there were problems…

The Downsides of the Metcon Flyease

The Metcon Flyease were fine when I first put them on, very comfortable.

But when I began working out and the vigorous movements began, it was a different story.

My first concern is with the velcro fastening system, it just isn’t secure enough, by the time I had run for a few seconds I realized that this fastening system has its limitations.

With this velcro system, there is an upper limit to how tight you can go.

So let’s say that one day you wear slightly less thick socks, the fit of your shoe won’t be as snug because you have a limit to how much you can control the tightness.

Are the Metcon Flyease True to Size?


I would say that the Flyease Metcon shoes are not true to size, which is weird because the original Metcons felt true to size.

My thinking is this could be because of the velcro fastening system the shoes feel a little roomier.

In fact, I would say, go a half size smaller if you can. This might give you a more snug feeling due to the velcro fastening not enabling you to control the level of tightness you require for your workouts.

Conclusion – To Sum Things Up

metcon 9 flyease in gym 2 putitng them on

I just don’t feel that a shoe that has been re-engineered to be easy to put on and removed works well as a cross-training shoe, an activity that obviously requires your foot to be moving around vigorously and sharply.

Ultimately, this shoe has some limitations. It’s still a new technology and I am sure Nike will make some improvements to create a top-notch product for athletes with disabilities.

There are some changes that could be made – perhaps a more secure lace system would work better?

I’m not fully convinced by the Flyease Metcon but I do applaud Nike for pushing this innovation and for their efforts to make sure that everyone is included and able to participate with the full Flyease line up, which is seemingly growing by the month.

It’s good that they are trying to innovate and help athletes with disabilities in certain abilities.

The Flyease Metcon was not my favorite shoe but if you have any movement-related disability, I would recommend trying them and maybe trying to go a half size smaller. I think these have true potential but need some improvements before they become the shoe that Nike needs it to be.

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