Calisthenics FAQs – No Stupid Questions!

Using heavy training equipment isn’t the only way to achieve your ideal figure. Calisthenics is a low-resistance exercise that only requires your body weight for most activities with different levels and rhythms.  It’s an old form of exercise from Greece that became popular in the 19th century. Today it’s a warm-up or cool-down routine and […]

100 Pull-Ups a Day, The Brutal Truth

When it comes to working out, there are all sorts of different routines that people swear by. Some people prefer to do a lot of cardio, while others focus on lifting weights. And then there are those who focus on doing a lot of reps of a particular exercise – like pull-ups. Pull-ups are a […]

Is Athlean-X ‘Old School Iron’ a Load of Nonsense?

If you are shopping around for workout programs, you’ve likely at least heard of the Old School Iron Workout program by Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X.  I have been training for years and have known about Jeff’s workout programs for some time, but I never took the leap to actually get my wallet out and try […]

How Gymnastic Rings Got Me More Gains – Pay Attention

As you seek to improve your workouts or decrease monotony, you may consider gymnastic rings. While it is clear there are many gymnastic rings benefits, what are they?  Today, I want to help you understand these benefits so you can decide if you want to implement them in your workout regime.  If you are a […]

How Many Handstand Pushups Is Good? Common Questions Answered

Have you just stumbled upon this exercise and wondered to yourself ‘how many handstand pushups is good?’ Out of the many exercises available, handstand pushups seem to intimidate people the most. After all, you are standing on your head, which is not the most comfortable of positions. Many people mistakenly believe only gymnasts can complete […]

Is German Volume Training Good for Beginners?

German Volume Training is an intense workout routine that can be very effective for building muscle, but it requires a high level of commitment. If you’re just getting started with weightlifting or are looking to bulk up, you may be wondering ‘is German Volume Training good for beginners?’. In this article, we’ll cover what German […]

How Many Pull-Ups Is Good, What Should You Aim For?

You can do a lot with just a few pull-ups. Pull-ups are undeniably one of the best exercises anyone can do, they target your back, arms, and abs all at once. In order to see results from your workouts, you should try incorporating a few pull-ups into your routines in between sets of other exercises. […]

How To Fix Calluses on Hands from Pull-Ups

Unfortunately, some of us get calluses on hands from pull-ups. Calluses can be more than annoying; they can sometimes be painful.  All calluses, no matter where they are located, are caused by repetitive motions that produce friction on the skin.  This is why so many pull-up and calisthenic workout beginners experience calluses when they are […]

Strength Training with Shin Splints – All You Need To Know

Whether you can or cant partake in strength training with shin splints is a common question. Shin splints, formally called medial tibial stress syndrome, are highly painful and can come on with no warning. The cause of the pain is stress to the shinbone and its connective tissues. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that […]

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