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Apple Watch Nike+ Tried and Tested


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Apple Watch Nike+ Tried and Tested


I got my hands on this Apple Watch Nike Plus a few weeks back and of course, I had to do a review.



This is apples £400 Apple Watch, but this is the one with Nike branding over it… Named, The Apple Watch Nike Plus


First things first, this watch is designed to be used by runners. It comes with an app that you’ll sign up to called the NRC app (Nike Running Club), the app gives you some of the features that the watch does, such as GPS tracking and so on, it also has coaching plans on there which adapt to your progress, and motivates you by sharing your friends running data. An interesting feature I haven’t really tried out before. You can use the app without actually owning the watch, so maybe download that and check it out for yourself before you go ahead and buy this thing.

  1. Built in GPS – A feature in many of today’s fitness watches. The previous Apple watch only allowed GPS via your phone, but you don’t really want to be running with your phone in your pocket. SO it’s built into the watch now.
  1. Heart rate monitoring – The apple watch does have heart rate monitoring, but it’s not very useful for running. I found the readings to be inaccurate when I was running. I’m thinking because the watch is bouncing around it might effect the quality of the reading I got. But when doing normal every day things or cardio that doesn’t involve your wrists moving vigorously, the readings were more accurate.
  1. Customisable strap – I find it quite disappointing that this is considered a big feature. I don’t really see it as a big deal. I personally don’t see myself buying another strap.


Other features like the ‘Exclusive Nike Watch Faces’ and motivational reminders triggered by your friends shared activities are nice additions but got a bit annoying. The data readout on the phone itself was really clear and concise.

The Apple watch also has things like Apple Pay and Messages and Siri tied in and work like an extension of your phone. But they’re not things I really need if I’m honest and I got bored of them quickly. When I’m out running, I don’t want to be disturbed by messages and phone calls and when I’m NOT running it’s highly likely my phone is in my pocket or at arms reach, so these features were hardly used even though It is kind of cool to talk into your watch like Captain Kirk.



Check out the video for my verdict.


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