I’m Skinny With Cellulite – Is this Normal?

Is Being Skinny With Cellulite Normal? Recently I was asked by a client, “I’m skinny with cellulite, is this normal?  I thought it was only something bigger girls got.” A number of factors can influence the presence and visibility of cellulite in women such as the thickness of skin, body fat percentage, distribution of body fat, hereditary factors, […]

Weight Loss: Are Diet Pills A Good Idea?

Many of us have cruised the diet section at either our local supermarket or online at our favourite store. There is a multitude of products that all promise the same thing, a boost to lift those annoying extra pounds right off of your body. What makes matters worse is that many of the female celebrities push […]

What is Piloxing? – The Latest Fitness Craze

What is Piloxing? Piloxing is a mix of Pilates, boxing and also high-energy interval dancing workouts which involve barefoot interval training to burn calories optimally and enhance stamina. It is designed to not only boost your strength, but your self-confidence and self-image too, while giving rise to a good-looking and powerful body. What are the Benefits […]

Lose Weight Easily – The Gradual Approach

As a personal trainer I try to give people a better understanding of how weight gain occurs and how weight loss occurs. Nine out of ten Americans are either overweight, out of shape, or both. Obviously, somebody is not getting the message, nor is somebody delivering the message correctly. We all know that we should […]

How to Get a Bikini Body – Top 5 Tips

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and looking good in an itsy-bitsy bikini is a basic human right for any girl – but how do you make sure you look bikini ready after a comfortable winter of over-indulgence? While exercise and healthy eating will always get you far in any quest for that summer […]

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