What is Piloxing? – The Latest Fitness Craze

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What is Piloxing?

Piloxing is a mix of Pilates, boxing and also high-energy interval dancing workouts which involve barefoot interval training to burn calories optimally and enhance stamina. It is designed to not only boost your strength, but your self-confidence and self-image too, while giving rise to a good-looking and powerful body.

What are the Benefits of Piloxing?

Piloxing is most noted for giving the following benefits:

Why Do Piloxing?

Once you start piloxing, you will never stop. Many women have their ups and downs and sometimes, they feel weak, helpless and maybe even depressed.  Piloxing was introduced to strengthen them physically and mentally and to make them feel beautiful in their own skin and body. Think more empowering rather than just 3 sets of ten and then hit the shower.

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Easy Piloxing Moves

Move 1 – This move trims and sculpts your trouble zones e.g. the triceps and the bra line and also strengthens core muscles:

Move 2 – This move focuses on your core muscles, the glutes and the outer thighs. As with every move, you need to engage your core on this one as well to sculpt your body optimally. Push your abs ups and try to avoid letting your abs drop toward the floor. Keep them engaged, always!

What are Piloxing classes like?

Piloxing’s rising popularity has increased the number of gyms that have introduced piloxing classes, rapidly. The classes are often held by trained instructors who are highly qualified in this form of training. Piloxing classes are typically High-energy classes that feature music ranging from dance and club, incorporated with dance routines such as salsa, ballet and even hip-hop.

Piloxing was founded by celebrity trainer and Swedish dancer, Viveca Jensen who wanted to discover a way through which women could attain a feeling of empowerment and self-image that made them both sexy and strong. Her solution: create a training program that incorporated boxing movements and weighted gloves to enhance strength, and Pilates to bring in flexibility and a more sculpted body without focus on lifting weights.


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