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Tom Tom Runner Cardio Watch Review – VIDEO


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Tom Tom Runner Cardio Watch REVIEW – Bigger Bang For Your Buck?

The Tom Tom Runner Cardio is a GPS-powered fitness watch that helps you in measuring your heart rate, running speed and distance simultaneously – while at the same time giving out snippets of inspiration to keep your motivation going. The Tom Tom Runner Cardio is a much-improved version of the Runner, which only performed the simple task of measuring your run. The new and improved Runner Cardio offers improved monitoring, a heart monitor and also resolves several issues that were faced in the Runner.


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What’s different?

The TomTom Runner Cardio has witnessed some extreme changes compared to its predecessor. The watch now utilizes a rubber strap instead of a plastic strap to hold the GPS system. This rubber strap gives better fitting between the console and the strap and is evidently thicker, durable and more rugged.

Another good improvement is the waterproof nature of the watch, which does not force you to remove the watch if you go for a swim. The Tom Tom Runner Cardio no longer has the problem of the GPS module not fitting inside the strap well.Although it fits better, it’s harder to remove from the strap for charging – but that’s a small worry considering the drastic improvement.

The watch uses ‘Mio’ heart monitoring technology – the same as that used in the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run watch and the ‘Mio Alpha’ range of watches. The one downside is that the Cardio is much more expensive than both the ‘Adidas Micoach’ and the ‘Mio Alpha’ for almost the same features.

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Key Features
* Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
* Sensors: GPS, Motion sensor, Heart tracking sensor, compass
* Water Resistance: Up to 165 feet
* Measurements: Speed, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate
* Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian


* Accurate heart monitoring

* Much better and durable design than the Runner

* Can also work underwater up to 165 feet


* More expensive than other watches in the range – hard to ignore.

* Bulkier- Hard to ignore the fact it’s on your wrist, even though it is comfortable to wear.

* No Sleep monitor – Sleep is very important for recovery, I was surprised it didn’t have a feature that considered sleep monitoring.

* May give inflated readings while running on treadmills. Not sure why it did this. but this is something worth thinking about if you intend to buy this.


The Tom Tom Runner Cardio is a good buy if you’re willing to shell out the money, making excellent advancements from its predecessor. Although cheaper products are available, the Tom Tom Runner Cardio has a distinct style and functionality that retains the loyalty of Tom Tom enthusiasts. If you don’t mind the additional cost, the Tom Tom Runner Cardio is an excellent choice in terms of performance and practicality.



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