Can You Workout in Crocs, or Is It a Terrible Idea?


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Everyone knows Crocs are those shoes you either love or hate. Since they were released in 2002, they have gone through multiple revivals and seem to be having one of them now. 

If you are here to find out, can you workout in Crocs, I want to give you the information you seek. The answer to this question may seem subjective, but there are some concrete facts that will help you know if Crocs are good for workouts or bad. 

When Crocs first came out, they were made entirely of foam, which is a big No-No in the gym. If you’ve ever tried to work out in a pair of flip-flops, you can expect the same results from an old pair of Crocs made of foam. 

Today, Crocs are made from a proprietary material called CrosliteTM. This material is made from a resin material that is neither plastic nor rubber. The truth is, most people do not know what exactly Crocs are made of, but they just like the cool or cringe look, whichever you view them as.

Crocs are known for their comfort and style, but will they work as an exercise shoe? Let’s examine the facts and determine if Crocs will hold up well in the gym and keep you safe. 

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Can You Workout in Crocs
‘Sports Mode’ activated!

When Crocs were first released in 2002, they seemed to become an overnight sensation. Even though people found them curiously strange in appearance, they could not seem to get enough of these foamy clogs. 

While they were all the rage up until 2005, Crocs begin to nosedive, with the company at an all-time low by 2011. From 2014 to 2022, Crocs continued to improve their clogs and marketing. 

Soon, celebrities like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj were promoting Crocs, and a new generation began to fall in love with them. Crocs also found great popularity on TikTok. 

So, Crocs went from the coolest shoes to iconic failures to hot again within a span of 20 years. Crocs have especially become popular due to the jibbitz wearers can use to customize their clogs and make them their own. 

Who knows what is in store for Crocs? They could begin to die out again, but for now, the hype remains as strong, if not stronger, than when they first came out. 

Can You Workout in Crocs?

Can You Workout in Crocs

Okay, so now it’s time to answer the question you have. Can you workout in Crocs?

Before I get into the reasons, I am going to tell you upfront that Crocs are not a good workout shoe. They may be the most comfortable shoes on the planet, but there are issues in construction that could put you in danger while working out. 

The reasons you should never wear Crocs for a workout include the following. 

  • Lack of Stability

Although Crocs are more stable than when they were made entirely of foam, they still are not stable enough to wear in the gym. You need stability in footwear or you could find your foot slipping. 

Stability is essential when lifting because you need a full feet plant to lift safely. Although I’ve seen guys and girls wearing Crocs in the gym, I would not recommend it. These shoes just lack stability and will keep you in constant danger. 

  • Lack of Support

Crocs also lack support in the midfoot area. When working out, you need adequate support in this area of the foot, or pain is going to occur. 

Crocs also lack support in the ankle area. Yes, I’ve seen guys lifting wearing Crocs, but in my opinion, they are just asking for trouble. Crocs do not support your ankle and could cause a rollover injury or worse. If your ankle shifts during a heavy lift, you could drop the weights and cause serious injuries, including broken bones. 

  • Lack of Protection

When people wear Crocs to the gym, they start a dangerous trend. I’ve seen people wear these clogs just to get attention. I have also seen people face planting because they did not think about the lack of protection Crocs have. 

The lack of protection will get in your head, whether you realize it or not. When I am unsure about the shoes I am wearing, my lifting game is off. I cannot focus on my form because I am so worried about my feet slipping. 

In addition to the above issues, you also have to worry about drop protection. I get it; most lifting shoes don’t have a lot of drop protection. If you drop a weight on your foot, a break is bound to happen! But Crocs have the least amount of drop protection. 

Although it may be tempting to wear Crocs to the gym and throughout your workout, take it from me, it is not a good idea. Wearing these shoes to the gym could even have management reprimanding you. 

Some gyms have made rules about wearing certain shoes because of liability issues. You don’t want to get kicked out of the gym because you are wearing a pair of Crocs. Think it won’t happen? You might be surprised!

Can You Run in Crocs?

Can You Workout in Crocs

Crocs are not designed as a running shoe. Can you run in Crocs? While the answer to this question is maybe, should you?

Whether you are new to running or an expert, you know foot support is essential. While the comfort and light weight are appealing and may make you think you could run in these shoes, it is not recommended. 

Crocs, although made from more durable material, are not going to hold up to long distance running. While you might could sprint a few yards in a pair of Crocs without falling on your face, longer distances are going to cause foot fatigue and put you in danger. 

Crocs lack tread on the bottom. The small amount of tread and the flatness of the clogs do not allow your feet to spring properly when running. If you try to run in Crocs, you are going to find your feet slap violently against the pavement. In my experience, running in Crocs is like trying to run barefoot. It is just too painful!

You will also find running in Crocs offers no traction on any kind of surface. Because the bottoms lack tread and are made from a resin foam material, they will wear down quickly if you try to run in them. 

Yes, you could run a short distance in Crocs if you really needed to, but anything above a short distance will be dangerous. Do not risk a broken ankle, back injury, or a pulled muscle that keeps you away from running for weeks or months. There are too many really solid running shoes on the market for you to settle for Crocs. 

Are Crocs Good for Walking?

With Crocs being so comfortable and lightweight, you may wonder if they will work for walking.

The answer to this question depends on what type of walking you mean. If you mean casual walking, such as when running errands, then Crocs are perfect. If you mean walking for a workout, the answer is not a solid yes. 

While Crocs offer good arch support and a roomy toe, they lack ankle support. The lack of ankle support is why many podiatrists do not recommend Crocs for long-distance walking. 

Have you ever tried to walk a long distance with flip-flops? If so, you know the stress placed on your toes as you constantly try to grip the shoe to keep it from slipping off your foot. 

Walking long distances in Crocs will lead to problems like bunions, corns, calluses, nail conditions, and hammertoes. You can even develop tendonitis because of wearing Crocs for long-distance walking. 

Are Crocs Good for Daily Wear?


Crocs are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish. They are a good shoe for most aspects of daily wear but not for all.

For instance, I would not think of wearing these shoes in most work environments, though I’ve seen doctors, nurses, and even physical therapists wearing them on the job. 

If you want to wear Crocs as a casual shoe for running errands, wearing around the house, or even by the pool, they are the shoe for you. To ensure they do not slip around on your feet and make them uncomfortable, wear the strap in its proper place at all times. 

Crocs May Be Comfortable, But They Won’t Offer a Safe Workout Shoe

Even if you do not like the look of Crocs, you have to admit they are comfortable if you’ve ever worn them. They are perfect for summer, and there are even fur-lined Crocs for the cold winter months. 

For working out, running, and lifting, you should avoid wearing Crocs. You may get away with walking in them, but most podiatrists tell their patients to avoid them.

If you want a pair of Crocs, keep them for casual wear. These shoes just don’t belong in the gym!

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