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Top 4 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors

Top 4 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors biking

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Top 4 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors biking

Work, Gym, Home, Sleep – does this routine sound familiar to you? Sticking to the same fitness regime day in day out can not only become boring but can also demotivate
us – meaning that we are not trying quite as hard as we could be with our workouts. Now that summer has finally shown its sunny head, why not mix up your gym routine by taking to the outdoors.

There are plenty of ways that you can get active and stay fit outdoors, and they are also ideal for gym-haters who want to find new fun ways to exercise. Here’s four ways that you can mix up your workout routine…

Jump Yourself Fit with Kangoo

Top 4 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors kangoo Jump your way into outdoor fitness with the latest exercise sweeping the world: Kangoo. Ideal for people who like their fitness to have an element of fun too, Kangoo involves wearing boots which feature a bouncy oval spring at the bottom – which creates a pogo stick effect when you walk or jump. Ideal for running (or should we say jumping?) about in the park – there are also Kangoo classes which involve dancing, running and jumping about in your Kangoo boots.
Top 4 Ways to Stay Fit Outdoors biking

Take a Bike Ride

A classic but always a favourite way of getting active outdoors is through bike riding. Allowing you to take in the fresh outdoor air while burning fat at the same time, the great thing about taking to your mountain bike is that you can go on bike trips with the whole family.

So whether you are new to bike riding or want to hone your skills even further with triathlon bikes, exercising on your bicycle is a welcome change from the confines of the gym.

Sign up to Boot Camp

It’s a celebrity fitness favourite, and boot camp has increasingly gained popularity amongst men and women everywhere. A military style workout where you perform strength and cardiovascular workouts, boot camp is ideal for those who want to keep motivated while enjoying exercising in the great outdoors.


Make it a Team Sport

If it’s a nice sunny day, forget the beer garden in favour of getting your mates together for some fun team sports. Exercising with your mates is great for staying motivated and sticking to your exercise goals, and there are plenty of team sports you can play outdoors in the sun. Popular ideas include everything from rounders and cricket to tennis doubles and football.

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