Top 10 Health Benefits Of Swimming

Health Benefits Of Swimming

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Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is one of the best types of exercise which can help your entire body improve and attain physical fitness. The best part about swimming is that it does not have any kind of harsh impact on the skeletal system of the body and even persons with minor joint injuries can use swimming as a mode of exercise to regain fitness. Swimming is also a wonderful recreational activity and helps relax your mind and body.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Swimming

1) Excellent cardiovascular workout

Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout which helps with weight loss. When you swim it exercises your heart and lungs and also burns calories. This means people who swim regularly can maintain a healthy body weight and improve their overall health.


2) Swimming is beneficial for persons recovering after a surgery
Swimming has great benefits for people recovering from a surgery. It provides the necessary exercise to important muscles in the body which is vital after any kind of surgery. There is no pressure on muscles and joints due to the buoyancy of water while you swim which may not be possible with other forms of exercise.


3) Low-impact activity
Swimming is a low impact activity thereby making it an ideal exercise form for people with obesity, arthritis or other forms of ailments. Many exercise forms are much more intense compared to swimming which makes it difficult for people suffering from any kind of ailments to try them. When swimming a major part of your body weight is supported by water thereby reducing the pressure on muscles and joints.


4) Improved strength and muscle toneHealth Benefits Of Swimming 2
Swimming is a great way to boost your physical strength and muscle tone compared to other forms of exercises. It helps improve the strength of your bone and joints apart from helping you build a strong and muscular body.


5) Better flexibility
Swimming helps to improve body reflexes by improving flexibility of joints and ligaments. This is possible because when swimming your body is put through various types of motions which ensure a complete body workout.


6) Helps reduce impact of Asthma
Swimming is beneficial for people suffering from Asthma as it provides you a chance to exercise in moist air which can dramatically reduce symptoms of exercise induced asthma. Researches show that swimming can help reduce asthma attacks and bring relief for people suffering from it.


7) Maintains cholesterol levels
Swimming is a great form of aerobic exercise and helps maintain the right balance of good and bad cholesterol in the body. This will help you stay healthy and avoid problems like heart attack and high blood pressure.


8) Lowers Diabetes risk
It is a known fact that aerobic exercise is extremely beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. People who swim regularly are at a lower risk of getting diabetes compared to people who don’t swim at all. It is particularly helpful for people with type 1 diabetes but even type 2 diabetes can find great benefits from regular swimming.


9) Reduces Stress
Stress is a common problem of modern times which all of us face on a daily basis. It is important to keep stress levels under control to stay healthy in the long run. Swimming can reduce stress levels by improving your mood as its an excellent recreational activity which helps the body to produce a chemical called endorphins which is an effective stress buster.


10) Live a long life
Swimming is a great aerobic exercise which helps you live a long and healthy life. Researches show that people who swim regularly don’t die prematurely and have a lower death rate compared to people who don’t swim.


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