Basics – How To Get A V Shaped Torso

how to get a v shaped torso

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how to get a v shaped torso

If you have always wanted a V Shaped torso to feel and look better, it is possible if you do the right things. Adjusting your daily workout regimen is one way to achieve the physique you want. 

How To Get A V Shaped Torso

Step One: Work on Your Shoulder Muscles

For the V-shaped torso, this is an important area to work on if you want the V shape on your back.

Building up shoulder muscles is crucial to creating this look.

Here are several ways to build up your shoulders.

Most people have success developing shoulders by doing overhead presses.

Try performing the move standing up as it requires more balance and will be more challenging.

You can do these exercises sitting down or standing up, and you can use barbells or dumbbells depending on your personal preference.

Mix up the routine by using many variations. Start with lighter weights and gradually increase the weight being careful not to lift too much weight.

Suitable variations include:

– Shoulder Presses

– Reverse Flyes

– Lateral and Frontal Raises

Step Two: Work on Your Laterals

The latissimus dorsi has more surface area than any other muscle in the body. Enhancing the lats is critical for creating a V shaped torso.

One effective way to improve lats is to do chin-ups and pull-ups.

Chin-ups are also necessary for strengthening the upper back muscles.

If pull ups and chin ups are challenging, you can use a chair at first for assistance and try negative pull ups.

Get to the top of the pull up by using a chair or a foot stool and then slowly lower yourself to the bottom of the pull up.

As the muscles gain strength, you will no longer need the chair to help you do these exercises.

Pull ups and chin ups may be difficult for you if you are not an avid bodybuilder.

This does not mean they are impossible and the more repetitions you do, the easier it will be for you to do them eventually.

Step Three: Work on Your Upper Back

You need to establish the upper back muscles to get a V shaped torso.

Barbell rows are also a very effective move to achieve a thicker upper back.

They are most beneficial when you want to improve upper back strength also.

Performing dumbbell rows will help you improve flexibility while curling and lifting the weights.

To do these exercises, bend over from a standing position and lift the weights up to your chest.

One-armed dumbbell rows require you to support yourself using a bench or something else solid.

Two armed barbell rows require no additional support.

Both are helpful for developing the muscles in the upper back. You can use either an underhand grip or overhand grasp.

Do variations to become more comfortable with this exercise.

chin ups for v shaped torso

Step Four: Adopt a Nutritious Diet

Working out regularly will only go so far in achieving a V-shaped torso if you do not eat nutritious foods at the same time.

You must also stick to a healthy diet if you want to achieve your goals.

Exercise and diet together will help you greatly. Whether the goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, you need to ensure you are eating the right foods and in the right amounts.

As long as you observe your healthy diet 90 percent of the time, you can avoid accumulating body fat that will get in the way of you obtaining the shape you want to achieve.

Depending on your body type and your goal, a great place to start is to figure out how many calories you need and design a manageable meal plan.

Step Five: Shed Extra Fat

It may be confusing to you to recognise the relationship between losing excess fat and building up the back muscles, but shedding fat is better for the body overall and makes it easier for you to develop muscle from the very beginning.

Cardiovascular exercises are crucial because they increase energy allowing you to work out more efficiently.

If all you are doing is chin ups, pull ups and lifting weights exclusively, you will eventually get bored with the routine and lose your motivation to keep up the pace.

If you add variety to your workout regimen, you will stay interested in the routine and you will not be as likely to give up before you reach your goals.

If you add approximately 20 minutes of cardio exercises to your daily workout routine, you will have the energy you need to continue working on building up your back muscles to get the body shape you want.

Achieving a V shaped torso requires a strong commitment and lots of hard work but when you reach your goal it will be worth the time and effort spent.

Basics – How To Get A V Shaped Torso

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