Top 5 Tips – How to Fix Bad Posture – Save Your Back

how to fix bad posture

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The first thing to remember when thinking about how to fix bad posture is that our bodies are like a kinetic chain – when one part of goes wrong many others follow suit.

Sometimes it takes a few tests to figure out how to fix bad posture, what started the problem in the first place.

Some problems are not influenced by the outside world or daily habits. Some are hereditary or caused by a trauma of some sort.

Top 5 Tips – How to Fix Bad Posture

When thinking about how to fix bad posture, it is usually caused by how we sit and how long we sit for.

A lot of times back pain comes from continuous slouching, sitting for long hours either at home or in an office working, and also just living a lifestyle that mainly consists of sitting down.


How to Fix Bad Posture and Reduce Pain In 10 Minutes

There are so many things that you can do to reduce the problems of bad posture before they worsen.

Here are a few things you can try on your own at home without any need to special equipment or complicated routines.

1. Use The Floor

How to fix bad posture

Probably the oldest method of fixing bad posture is to use the floor.

It really is as simple as lying on your back with no pillows.

This process straightens the back, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and can in time aid a poor posture and reduce pain.

It relieves tension and pain by giving the spine the opportunity to realign itself.

This can also reduce the pain caused by some headaches.

2. Use a Massage Ball

massage ball How-to-fix-bad-posture-2

You could also use a massage ball. Lay on the floor and roll one of these against your back and shoulder area.

Massage balls do wonders for tight areas and with regular use can help release a lot of the tension causing you to have a bad posture and back pain.

If you can’t get your hands on a massage ball, then a golf ball or a tennis ball can do the same job.

3. Muscle Assistance


Use your muscles.

Working the muscles along your shoulder blades will work wonders on the alignment of your spine.

There are numerous exercises that can help fix a bad posture in adults, any decent workout regimen will enable you to strengthen and develop muscles that surround the spine and other parts of the body which in turn will correct your posture.

**A good starting point to focus on would be pilates, pilates is great for strengthening the core and with consistency will help fix bad posture.**

So get those muscles firing think about strengthening your core and improve your posture.

4. Stretch Your Neck


Stretching your neck is important.

Bending the neck too far forward repetitively like for instance when using your phone or sitting with bad posture at a desk can cause a lot of pain in the spine and general back area in the long term.

The muscles in your neck and back are connected so both play a huge role in fixing your posture.

When your neck is bent forward too much (forward neck) your back muscles get pulled and strained which causes neck pain and some very bad headaches.

A stretching routine done every 3 hours can do wonders for your neck and back. Check out the one below:

5. See the Doc…

If all else fails, seeing a doctor may be necessary.

If stretching and exercising do not work it may be an indication of other problems that only a physician can detect with more accuracy.

Physical therapy, surgery, or medication may be able to solve these problems.


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