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The Rumble Roller Review: Post Leg Day Pain Relief?


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rumble roller review

Now this looks interesting! Not just your average foam roller, this Rumble Roller Extra Firm in Black has flexible bumps on it which are designed to emulate the effects of an actual massage to really get into those knotted areas of whatever muscle you use this on, giving added intensity. Awesome.

For me, massage work really helps my muscles to recover after a weight training session. In my experience, especially after a typically rough leg day consisting of heavy squats, leg presses and extensions, half an hour on my normal foam roller really helps with what I like to call the ‘C3PO swagger’ that rigid feeling in your legs that makes you unable to walk or sit properly for a few days after.

C3P0 Swagger

For me that rigidity lessens considerably after a nice roll so naturally any innovations in this area are going to be of interest to me.

The Rumble Roller Review

First Thoughts

On first impressions to us this thing looks kind of scary, like a torture device, something from a sex dungeon dare I say, but I won’t let that put me off.

This Rumble Roller is definitely not for those who have never used a foam roller before for softening up muscle tissue, the model I tested was the ‘Extra Firm’, this is definitely something that you should work up to rather than jump straight into.

rumble roller review

In Action

The idea is that the bumps on the RumbleRoller being spaced quite closely together, will simultaneously be in contact with your body as you roll yourself on it. This is definitely a good thing meaning the muscle is more deeply penetrated. I tested the roller over 7 days on my quad muscles only, my quads are where I feel the most tension after a workout so these muscles are the ideal spot to test the effectiveness of this product.

Day one

I used the RumbleRoller for 10 mins because that’s all I could physically manage. My body needed to adjust to this firmness, it was quite tricky to get used to. The extra firmness is definitely apparent, but I braved it and gritted my teeth through it. The rolling movement was surprisingly smooth considering all of the bumps.


Day Four

The discomfort has lessened and my legs are getting used to the bumps. This foam roller gives a really soothing roll, having used it for the past four days for roughly 10 – 20 mins at a time I’m actually enjoying using this, quite a contrast from day 1. I have started to use it for longer and got in a good half hour of rolling per day before going to bed. The one thing I would consider is going for the longer 78cm model but then that will never fit into my gym bag, this one being only 30cm fits really well in my gym bag and doesn’t really take up too much space in my bedroom.


Day Seven

I took the roller to the gym with me and a few people were actually interested to try this thing out, little do they know how much pain they’re in for if they’re used to much softer foam rollers or haven’t even used a foam roller before. But honestly, I think this is pretty cool, I admittedly was quite pessimistic about this at the start but I can say my quads feel very nicely tenderised having used this for the past week. Definitely more effective than my normal foam roller.

The bumps give a much different result, a feeling as though the muscle has been kneaded a lot deeper than when I used my flat non-bumpy foam roller. It does take some getting used to and for those not up to the ‘extra firm’ model that I tried out they do make an ‘original’ model which is softer and  I imagine will shorten the time it takes to get accustomed to the sensation, so do bear that in mind if you go for one of these.



I like it, it does what it needs to and that’s what matters. If you’re a bit apprehensive about the hardness I would suggest going for the ‘original’. I do feel it gave me a deeper massage in comparison to my flat roller. This will work for you but you must ease yourself into it and of course be sure that you’re using it properly.

The RumbleRoller retails at $41.50.

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