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Common Sports Injuries: Solving Knee Pain

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knee pain

Knee pain can blight a person’s day to day life, it can make even the simplest of tasks seem impossible and render a person practically immobile.
Because of the wide and varied nature of knee pain, it can be difficult to tell a problem from a momentary pain. As a nation we are notoriously reluctant to go to the doctors, particularly men who are reported to visit their doctors 20% less often than their female counterparts.

This post looks at some of the key causes, the products available and methods of improving knee pain; from here it should be possible to gain an insight into your condition, and how it can be improved.

Common Sports Injuries: Solving Knee Pain

What can cause knee pain?


A knee strain is where the knee has encountered some extent of tissue damage. Usually this is caused by someone over exerting themselves, in which case the tissues that surround your knee have become temporarily stretched.


As with many things, age can naturally cause pain to the knees and knee pain is down to general wear and tear rather than any isolated incident.

Osgood Schlatter’s Disease

Osgood Schlatter’s disease generally occurs during adolescence and can continue into adulthood. This is where the knee may become swollen and painful. It occurs most amongst teenagers that play a lot of sport.

Impact injury

An impact injury is where the knee receives a sudden shock, such as when a person falls or hits their knee against a hard surface.

Knee Pain. Sports running knee injury in male runner.

Products that can help, or even cure you of knee pain.

Knee braces

Knee pain generally brings inflammation of the knee joint, which in itself can be painful. A swollen knee, as with most swollen areas, can be treated with ice, rest and elevation. However such treatment can sometimes prove to be insufficient, this is particularly true of impact injuries and severe strains. In such an instance it may be advisable to use a knee brace.

Knee braces compress the knee, which encourages proper blood flow; this can additionally reduce the associated swelling, as well as providing the user with all important support. Please see our review of the Hyperice Knee Support.

Running insoles

Running insoles can be a somewhat surprising knee injury aid; however they are extremely effective in rebalancing a person’s weight and providing appropriate support to an injured knee. Furthermore they act as an added shock absorber between the person and the floor; this can alleviate pain during day to day activities, and reduce the risk of further injury.

Knee Support

For those that find they repeatedly sprain or twist their knees during day to day activities, they may need a knee support for added strength and stability. Because of the ongoing injury being caused every time the knee is twisted, the joint needs a proper amount of recovery time in order to build itself back up. This is where a knee support comes in.

Methods to aid the healing of a knee injury

Find a balance between over exertion and rest

The most important method in treating an injured knee is to ensure that you neither over exert yourself nor rest so much that the knee becomes underused and weaker. The term ‘slowly but surely’ should define your knee injury recovery.

Build yourself up slowly

As just mentioned, recovering from a knee injury can be a slow process. Therefore you should avoid presuming that you are recovered too soon simply because the pain has gone away. Over exerting yourself just after a knee injury can put you back to square one in terms of both your injury and your pain levels.

Knee pain is surprisingly common in the UK; however for the sufferer it can feel like no one else can appreciate the impact on day to day living. Despite this however there are some extremely effective products that can ease the associated pain that comes with a knee injury, and help the sufferer return to full health.

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