The Protein Works Chocolate Silk Review – VIDEO – What Does It Taste Like?

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It can be tough when it comes to choosing a protein powder.

How the hell are you supposed to spend so much of your hard-earned money on a food product that you aren’t even sure tastes nice?

The tub arrives, you mix it up in your protein shaker and take a swig and your worst fears are confirmed. It tastes disgusting.

Not only that, it’s clumpy so you cant even chug it down while holding your nose to avoid the taste.

You can’t take it back for a refund. So unless you have a friend or family member who likes this flavor, you’re stuck with it!

The point of this is to taste the product and give you the most well-rounded taste description I possibly can.

The hope is that it helps you make a decision when it comes to shopping for a new protein powder

Before You Watch The Protein Works Chocolate Silk Review…

First is The Protein Works Chocolate Silk Review below-

the protein works chocolate silk review
Look at the concentration!

Please leave a comment below or on the video and let me know if you have tried this protein powder yourself, I would be very interested to know other people’s thoughts on this product also. Enjoy!

The Protein Works Review – Are They The Real Deal?

The Protein Works are quite a new company to me. I had been used to using Optimum Nutrition as my main supplement of choice.

The Protein Works product comes in a little cheaper than my usual one so that’s always a bonus.

The reason I chose to do this Protein Works review also was because I had also seen a lot of their marketing materials around the gym at the time.

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