VIDEO: Winter Workout Essentials Part 1 – Nike Aeroloft Running Top

Nike Aeroloft running top review-1

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Stay Warm Outdoors – Winter Workout Essentials Part 1

Nike Aeroloft Running Top Review – Video

If you workout outdoors then you’ll want to watch this video. I try out the latest Aeroloft Running top made by Nike. Aeroloft is a product range made by Nike which is designed to enable you to stay warm while you workout and enable you to not feel restricted in your movements.

Nike Aeroloft running top review-1

Looks Cool, Keeps You Warm

The main cool things about the Nike Aeroloft products is that they are both lightweight and of course they insulate you and keep you warm, but not so warm that you’re sweating heavily underneath, your body is kept at just the right temperature.

You can get various different styles of clothing in the Aeroloft range, depending on your preference, you can get full jackets, jumpers, and even tights – what I’m wearing today is the long sleeve running top which is a half zip up sweater – it has a hood on it too so your head gets a little protection if rain starts falling, the hood, however, isn’t designed for warmth which is why I’m still wearing my beanie in the video.

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Insulation is Key

The front and back of this running top has an 800 fill down insulation. The fill is durable and has a water resistance that stops it from clumping. The top also has perforations along the front and back to enable airflow so that body heat can escape and therefore regulate your body temperature as you workout. The hood and sleeves are sweat wicking ‘Dri-Fit’ material,  which basically pulls the sweat away from your body. The top also has reflective elements too which help you stay visible if you run at night time.

Nike Aeroloft running top review-1-2

How Does It Feel?

It’s not a baggy fit at all, the fit is quite contoured so it hugs your body as you do your activity without feeling uncomfortable, it’s snug rather than hanging loosely. It’s very comfortable (See Video)

Nike Aeroloft running top review-1-23

Final Tip

As with all workout clothes, MAKE SURE IT FITS before you judge whether it works for you or not – people don’t always think of moving their body around much when they’re trying on sportswear, for instance when I’m buying leggings I do a quick little squat or a lunge just to test it’s stretchiness because those are the sort of moves you’re going to be doing in these clothes.

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  1. My new Nike aeroloft running top is just the perfect workout item for this season. It keeps me really warm and comfy when I wear it to workout. It doesn’t get itchy or sweaty even when I wear it for long. The material is just perfect.

  2. The price of this Nike top is really not as outrageous as the other product I found. I’ve seen people use this top and I like how comfortable they look in it. I definitely getting one for myself because this winter is a little bit colder and a good Nike winter top would help me during workouts.

  3. Staying warm during cold weathers while working out is really blissful. You don’t end up having chattering teeth or cold lungs. This Nike aeroloft winter top is just the perfect item to stay warm during workouts on cold day. I am really glad to have gotten one.

  4. I just bought my own bike aeroloft top and it feels like it was made for me. It fits perfectly and also allows room to stretch out. I love the warmth it gives and it’s really not heavy to wear. The hood is also a nice addition

  5. Nice review. I just got it in L size (eBay; I always wear Nike L tops), and while it is wearable (thanks to the spandex), it is quite too snug. Would recommend going one size up for a comfort run.

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