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What is the Best Inexpensive Bathroom Scale? – The Top 5


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In this article I will focus on the best inexpensive bathroom scale, every scale in this article comes in under $50 *(at the time of publishing)

There are so many reasons why you might want to buy a bathroom scale.

Body fat scales are not only necessary for somebody trying to lose weight, but also for those looking to track their muscle gain progress, or if you’re just looking to understand your body composition better.

Finding the best body fat bathroom scale that has the features you need but also doesn’t cost too much can be difficult, there are so many out there with different features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Hopefully, this article will be useful to you, especially if you’re working within a limited budget.

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What is the Best Inexpensive Bathroom Scale Under $50?

Runcobo Digital Scale

The Runcobo smart body fat scale syncs with an app on your phone and collects data on 14 body composition factors, including your body fat, your muscle and bone mass, and your BMI.

It connects via Bluetooth and wi-fi, and switches between each depending on connectivity.

The scale can also sync with various health apps, including Apple Health, Google Fit, and FitBit.

You can also set up multiple profiles so that the whole household can use the same set of scales.

This is a great scale for seeing progress on a weight loss or fitness journey and maintaining motivation.

Sokoa Smart Digital Scales

The Sokoa Smart Digital Scale can accurately measure 17 body composition factors, including body weight, body fat, BMI, and protein rate, so it’s an ideal scale for bodybuilders.

It has a rechargeable battery, and a full charge – which takes two hours – will last for around 100 days.

Again, it syncs with its own app on your phone and syncs with various standard health apps, allowing you to see progress over weeks and months. It can weigh up to 180kg, and has an auto on/off function.

FitIndex Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The FitIndex represents excellent mid-point value, this scale also works with standard health apps and has an app for Apple Watch.

Measuring 13 body composition measuring functions, including BMI, body fat, bone mass, and muscle mass, this scale is useful for those exercising for bone health as well as other considerations.

The multifunctional app allows you to set fitness goals and monitor trends, and also allows you to export data.

Again, the whole family can set up separate profiles on apps on their own devices.

Posture Body Fat Scale

Another great mid-point scale, the Posture offers 11 health indicators, including BMI, fat rate, visceral fat, and even body age.

Downloading the Fitdays app from the App Store or Google Play will allow you to record changes in your body automatically and monitor progress.

This scale is super-sensitive and can even detect something as light as a glass of water, meaning that you can monitor even the smallest changes.

This scale can store up to 24 separate profiles.

FXQ Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The FXQ has 14 measurement functions including BMI, body fat rate, fat-free body weight, visceral fat, and a baby weight mode, making it particularly appealing to new mums.

Again running on the Fitdays app, this scale syncs all data via Bluetooth.

This scale supports up to 24 separate accounts and recognizes a new user immediately they step on the scale.

Hopefully, these brief comparisons will help you find what is the best inexpensive bathroom scale for you without breaking your budget.

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