Rude Gym Behavior! Bad Gym Etiquette – Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow.

gym etiquette basic gym rules

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There’s nothing more annoying than going to a gym full of people who do not respect any rules of gym etiquette. These people can be found everywhere, no matter what sort of gym you go to.

When you come across these people, you can get angry and frustrated which can then distract you from your workout plan making staying motivated very difficult.

Whether you’re training for aesthetic reasons or performance reasons, there should be certain basic gym rules everyone should follow a level of understanding and decency is maintained.

I’ve put together what I think are the top 10 rules of gym etiquette to avoid any conflicts with others and maintain your motivation throughout your workouts.

If you agree that the world would be a much happier place if we followed these basic gym rules, then please comment below, also, let me know if there are any rules you think I have left out!

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Rude Gym Behavior! Bad Gym Etiquette – Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

1. Don’t Make Unnecessary Noise

If weights are ‘clanging and banging‘ or people are grunting, you can expect that to happen. Lifting heavy weights is not supposed to be easy so of course, noise is expected. But one way people ruin the experience is by slamming weights around or making too much noise where unnecessary.

gym etiquette basic gym rules 3

Do you really need to scream at the top of your voice for every single rep, or throw the dumbbells out of your hands when you have finished your set?

2. Stop Gawking and Get to Work

I see this all the time and it makes me cringe. Walking into the gym and seeing someone standing in front of a mirror when the gym is super busy, flexing their pecs, and checking themselves out and not actually working out.

Not only does it make you look like a bit of a plonker, but other people may need to use the space you’re standing in.

plonker Rude Gym Behavior! Bad Gym Etiquette - Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow.

Whatever reason you are flexing in the mirror in the middle of a busy gym, just know that you’re not impressing anybody, most people probably think you look stupid.

You can flex and pose and take mirror selfies all you want in the changing room, do it there.

3. Keep Your Personal Business to Yourself

Let’s face it; smartphones and social media are a massive part of our lives these days.

It’s okay to answer calls while working out, because chances are, very few people will even hear your conversation over the sound of their own headphones.

Phone calls during a workout are a matter of personal preference. It’s all right to answer if you can or ignore it if you don’t want to talk.

4. Please Give Up Your Weights After Using Them

This is often an issue when there’s only one set of dumbbells left in the rack and what feels like 20 people waiting for it (at least this has been my experience).

gym etiquette basic gym rules 9

Sometimes people neglect to put their weights back because they’re tired, eager to jump on the next piece of equipment that just became available, or more likely, they don’t know how important it is to put them away quickly so others can use the equipment too.

A good rule of thumb about weights; if you haven’t used them in 10 minutes (and someone else isn’t obviously waiting) then you probably put it back where it belongs.

If someone is looking for weight and you happen to have it, don’t give them an attitude if they ask you where it went.

5. Don’t Hog the Equipment Too Long After Working Out

(This one includes some of no3 on my basic gym rules list.)

I can understand that sometimes you forget how much time has passed as you’re focused on getting your workout in, but still… Put the weights back after you’re done so others can use them.

If no one is waiting immediately after you are done, don’t wait until someone finally shows up before grabbing what you need and leaving.

gym etiquette basic gym rules 5

Also, don’t just sit on the equipment scrolling through your social media and not working out while others may be waiting to use the equipment you are sitting on.

This rule also includes leaving weights and other equipment all over the floor in front of whatever machine/bench you used them on- just because they’re in plain view doesn’t mean anyone else wants to pick them up or step over them.

6. Keep Your Feet Off the Equipment. It’s Gross!

Although this rule is especially applicable in a crowded gym, it’s something that should be done everywhere (at least this has been my experience).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone stretch out on an exercise bench with their shoes propped up on some other machine or equipment- not only is it very unhygienic, but it’s not necessary most of the time.

If you have to put your feet on the equipment, make sure you spray and wipe it down after you’re done.

7. Don’t Hog Any One Piece of Equipment for More Than 15 Minutes (In a Crowded Gym)

Be mindful there may be people waiting to use a certain piece of equipment when you’re busy with it.

It’s frustrating to lose out on a workout because someone else is “saving” your equipment instead of allowing you to maybe work in with them if you’re doing the same exercises or share the equipment with them.

8. Don’t Make Derogatory Comments About Other People in the Gym

Out of all of these basic gym rules, this one really gets to me the most.

People should feel free to work out however they want without being ridiculed by others, so what if somebody cant lift a certain amount of weight, or they have a unique way of dressing or they look different in some way.

A gym should be a space free from judgment or negative vibes!

I’m sure everyone has heard at least one disparaging comment about how someone else looks or what their personal habits are- it can result in bad feelings towards being in a place that should of all things feel like a safe and encouraging place to be in.

People should be respectful and supportive where they can.

9. Always Rerack your Weights.

This one really gets on my nerves, you get to the squat rack, and the person who used it before you has left all of the plates on the bar so you have to spend time unloading the bar before you can start.

gym etiquette basic gym rules 2

Or you get to the gym and all of the dumbells are on the floor instead of on the weights rack, you want a set of 15kg dumbbells and you can only find one, you have to go on a mini-adventure to find the other one! This one is a real pain.

While you’re away from your bench someone comes and takes the other one, now you have to go back on another mini adventure to find that dumbbell.

While you’re gone they come and take your bench as well!

So if you are not using something, please please please, put it back where it belongs so other people can use it.

10. Don’t Underestimate Someone Else’s Level of Fitness.

This is a little bit of no 8.

Especially if they look different from you (i.e., young vs old; size differences). People of course come in all shapes and sizes and we don’t always know what someone does for exercise at home or what their personal habits (or injuries) may be.

We all have different goals and that’s what keeps this world interesting. We’re not in the gym to compete with anybody but ourselves.

BONUS Basic Gym Rule

11 Clean Up Your Sweat

How could this one not make the top 10 basic gym rules I hear you ask!

gym etiquette basic gym rules 4

Sweat is not only unpleasant to smell and touch, but it can get on equipment making it slippery and dangerous to use. If you are done with an exercise or machine, wipe down the equipment before leaving it streaked with sweat.

Most gyms now provide disinfectant spray and tissues so you can wipe the equipment down after use.

Be sure to use them.

Conclusion – Gym Etiquette – Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow

The key to good gym etiquette is simply being considerate of others- keeping these top 10 basic gym rules in mind when you’re at the gym should help with that process.

Everyone has different goals and will workout differently, but as long as we respect each other and our space at the gym these rules should be more than achievable.

I’ve been to a few gyms that have had a code of conduct displayed where it lists all the basics of what is expected from members- going forward I think this would be a great idea for most gyms to adopt.

What are your thoughts on these top 10 basic gym etiquette rules? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!

Rude Gym Behavior! Bad Gym Etiquette – Top 10 Basic Gym Rules Everyone Should Follow.

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