Basics – How to use a Dip Belt for Maximum Muscle Gains

How to use a Dip Belt with chain

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In this article, we will show you how to use a dip belt to get the most out of your workouts.

A strong reliable dip belt is an important accessory to have in your gym gear arsenal.

A good quality dip belt with a chain will allow you the user to add weight plates and kettlebells in order to increase the resistance when doing exercises such as pullups and dips.

Below we go into the best moves for those using a dip belt and give advice for those looking to buy their first dip belt.

How to Use a Dip Belt

Tricep Dips

As implied by their name, the most common use of a dip belt is for dips.

These exercises require the individual to support his own weight between the parallel bars and then descend as low as possible and then push back up.

These should not be confused with bench dips that are performed on a weight bench while the feet remain on the floor.

Dips when performed correctly work the triceps, chest, and shoulders.

how to use a dip belt with chain

Adding weight to the chains can make the exercise harder for those who have mastered the repetitions with the bodyweight alone.

While a similar effect can be accomplished by holding a dumbbell between the ankles to increase resistance, this method of adding resistance eventually becomes too awkward to be useful.

Another variation would be to add lifting chains to the standard weight lifting belt.

As the individual pushes up, additional links of the chain leave the floor making the dips more difficult at the top of the exercise.

How to Use a Dip Belt for Pull-ups and Chinups (Non-Kipping)

Pull-ups and chin-ups are performed by an individual hanging from a bar and lifting the weight of the whole body until the chin is above the bar on which the hands are gripped.

Chinups use a close grip with the palms facing the body while pull-ups require a wider grip with the palms facing away from the body.

The weighted chinup can be especially difficult as most individuals struggle with the weight of the body alone.

how to use a dip belt for pull ups

A recommended cycle of three sessions to get started with weighted pullups/chin ups would go something like this:

Session 1

In the first session, the individual will work up to ten repetitions at the maximum, using as much weight as he can handle.

Session 2

During session two, the individual works to perform as many reps as possible during the shortest time.

Session 3

In the next workout session three, avoid any chinups at all. The next time the individual should return to session one and begin the cycle again, with the aim of increasing the weight with each cycle.

Leg Training – Squats with a Dip Belt

When it comes to how to use a dip belt, the dip belt squat is one of the easiest and safest moves to set up and perform.

But you have to ensure you have sturdy boxes or platforms for each foot to rest on because you have to squat deeper than the level your feet are at.

The dip belt is attached at the waste and plates added to the chain.

The individual should squat as low as possible while keeping the torso upright.

The exercise can challenge the legs without loading one’s spine. The boxes should be high enough to prevent the weights from hitting the floor.

How to Choose a High-Quality Dip Belt

For strength and longevity, always go for a leather belt made by a rputable manufacturer.

Make sure you know the maximum load the belt can carry too. This will avoid the chain snapping and the weight falling to the floor if for example you land with momentum after the final rep of a pull up.

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The dip belt will probably not be sufficient for one’s entire routine. While dips for chest and dips for triceps are great workouts there are other effective exercises to throw in there to give you an effective routine.

Make sure you do the heaviest moves at the start of your workout so that you get the most out of them.

Don’t leave them until the end when your energy levels aren’t as high.

Always ensure the capacity of the belt meets that of the additional weights being added. 

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