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RPM 3.0 Speed Rope Review – Is It The Right Rope For You?


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If you’re planning to start working out with a jump rope, then the RPM speed rope is one of the most popular choices out there. But what sets it apart from the rest? Here’s a quick rundown of the RPM 3.0 Session’s features to help you decide whether the Session 3.0 is the right rope for you.

Is the RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope right for you?

• Strong but Nimble

This rope is made from strong stuff, everything is metal so this rope (if taken care of) will last a very long time, as I would expect with a rope in this price range compared to a much cheaper rope. The cable contains sturdy and robust material that guarantees its durability, this also helps your skipping workouts to be smoother since you can control the movements of the rope more. You need do however need to be extra careful when skipping with the cable since it can, of course, move very fast and hurts if it hits you while jumping. Nothing major though, all comes with the territory.

• Patented ‘Dual-Axis Rotation’

This feature of the RPM Session 3.0 enables you to skip for a long time without any distractions or interruptions  since the handles stay at the end of the rope thus ensuring that the cord does not twist up, this feature is helpful and if pretty standard on most speed ropes of a considerable quality. THese however coupled wth the quality of materials give me more of an assurance that they will stay sooth for a long time.

• Presence of Oilite brushing

You may have never heard of Oilite before, Oilite greatly reduces friction thus ensuring there is an equal distribution of power between the handle and the rope. This keeps each rotation more uniform and ensures as smooth a ride as possible.

• Knurled Handle

If your hands start to get sweaty during your workout, the rope handles are knurled giving you a firmer grip. But even with dry hands, the knurling gives you a firm grip without you feeling you have to grip the handles tightly. GIves the feeling of having more control and you get more of a response from your movements.

• Long coated cable

Anyone can use this rope since the rope cable measures about 12 ft long which is an excellent size for optimum jumping results. Also, the coated cable has been tested, and it shows that it is more durable as compared to other ropes.


It’s a speed rope that you can use on any surface. The durable materials guarantee that you will get plenty of use out of it. extended use plus it comes in different colors for you to choose from.

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