3 Tips For Bigger Forearms + Improved Grip Strength

how-to-get-big-forearms Improve Grip Strength

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The benefits of having a stronger grip are not hard to miss. It’s necessary if your goal is to lift more weight, especially if you include pull-ups and deadlifts. There are some simple considerations when thinking of ways to improve grip strength, so check them out below.


1. Stop relying on wrist straps!


how to improve grip strength how to get bigger forearms wrist straps

It’s that simple. Encourage your forearms to do more work without any added help. Using straps only encourages you to rely on a strap rather than getting you accustomed to the harsh realities of strengthening your grip. Do not use assistance because it will only hinder your progress. If you need to, go lighter on the weights for a few weeks until your wrists are stronger. Your forearms and wrist will be noticeably stronger in no time.

Go Heavy Or Go Home – How to Improve Grip Strength

2. Forget about wrist curls for a minute



how to improve grip strength how to get bigger forearms wrist curls

Doing a few sets of wrist curls with a light weight at the end of your workout just isn’t enough. Also, if you’re a person who mainly focuses on machine workouts try to introduce more free weight compound and calisthenic exercises into your routine

Think about combining heavy deadlifts with heavy barbell rows to develop your arm and grip strength. Constantly challenge yourself by interchanging grips such as grasping the bar and pull-up bar at different points when you work out. Use free weights whenever possible. The simple act of picking up heavy dumbells and walking around with it is working your forearm and grip strength. Leg day? Try incorporating walking lunges as well as squats for example. Training biceps? Try hammer curls.  My point is, you can do so much more than just wrist curls.

3. Grip builders can actually improve grip strength.



Something as simple as hanging a towel over the pull-up bar and gripping onto that for your reps is VERY effective for grip strength. You are holding on tight while supporting the weight of your whole body over time. If you want to take it a step further, there are these things called bar grips.

Bar grips are simply these rubber handles you wrap around a normal bar that increases the thickness of the bar and therefore create a more challenging grip. This will, in turn, strengthen your grip and build you those bigger stronger forearms and of course have you wondering why you ever thought wrist curls alone were such a good idea in the first place!

2 thoughts on “3 Tips For Bigger Forearms + Improved Grip Strength

  1. Improving grip strength is quite challenging and requires patience too. It took me almost a month to fully get a strengthened grip and I arrived there by constantly holding on to bars.

  2. Rubber bar grips are the best way to get your forearm strengthened. The rough edge challenges you to keep adjusting and tightening your grip and so helps strengthen your grip.

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